Diabetes a serious and dangerous disease. Unfortunately, in our time, the cases of diabetes in children. Diabetes in children occurs especially hard. What are the signs of diabetes in children and how to identify this disease in its early stages, tell the country of the Soviets.

Diabetes in children is difficult to diagnose because many of its symptoms "masked" by an infectious disease, adenovirus infections. Sometimes parents may not even suspect. that their child develops such a serious disease as diabetes.

Among the cases of diabetes in children most common is type I diabetes. Symptoms of type I diabetes include dry mouth, thirst, frequent urination or even urinary incontinence, weight loss. Unfortunately, such a symptomatology is also observed in a variety of other diseases in children, which often leads to a very late detection of diabetes, when it has already severely damaged the child's body.

Weakness, metallic taste in the mouth, constantly itchy skin, blurred vision   - all these are also symptoms of diabetes in children. These symptoms do not always appear. The most accurate diagnosis of diabetes in children is helped by laboratory tests of blood and urine.

Based on the blood test for the level of sugar that is spent on an empty stomach, and then 2 hours after eating, the doctor determines if the child has diabetes. You may also need tests for sugar in the baby's urine. If the diagnosis of "diabetes mellitus" is confirmed, immediately begin treatment.

Treatment of diabetes in children is prescribed by a doctor. is usually carried out at home. Patients with diabetes often a child needs to eat, but the portions must be very large. Parents should remember that diabetes the children have shown a special diet to comply with which may have and the whole family.

The fact that children are especially hard to "sit" on a forced diet. completely excluding sweets, when the rest of the family tastes cakes, cakes, pies. The temptation to secretly eat at least a piece of cake or a candy for children in this case is very large.

Therefore, it is better for family to try to help the sick child and to minimize the consumption of sweets. observe the diet. This, in addition, will be useful for the health of all family members.

Diabetes mellitus in children requires regular insulin injections. as well as regular monitoring of blood sugar levels. Manipulations for the introduction of insulin preparations parents should be better mastered to be able to independently make the child vital injections. To measure blood sugar there are household portable glucometers.

Diabetes children are usually exempt from physical education classes in school. But this happens not because the sick child of a prohibited load, but because the teacher dealing directly with the whole class, it is very difficult to monitor the status of such a child. However, physical activity with diabetes mellitus are useful, it is only important to correctly approach this issue.

So, not recommended physical exercises for children with diabetes between 12 to 2 PM. At this time, the blood sugar level is the lowest and when the load on the body exceeds the level of sugar in the blood can fall sharply and hypoglycemia may develop. At the same time, from 16 to 17 hours the blood sugar level is usually high, so at this time the child can exercise.

Diabetes in children   - a serious disease that has to live with. But this does not mean that the sick child is in some way "flawed", on the contrary, his life should be as full, full, interesting!