Happy holiday April 1 is not complete without funny jokes and pranks. Of course, students want to prank your classmates, and even teachers. But what are jokes on April 1 in the school would be appropriate and which not so much?

In General, with jokes on April 1, the school needs to be very careful  - not all teachers can boast of a good sense of humor. Yes, and those who have a sense of humor all right, too, are unlikely to be happy, if for the sake of your joke they break the lesson. So April Fools' jokes in school should be as harmless as possible so that your teachers and classmates do not spoil their mood, and you do not get a remark in a diary or a deuce of behavior.

So all the pranks and jokes should be arranged with the teacher to avoid problems. Better yet, if a group of activists using the classroom teacher will prepare a real feast for the classmates. You can, for example, to turn April 1 at the school in "backwards Day". Agree that on this day everyone will put on their clothes backwards. Or boys will be dressed in women's clothes, and girls - in men's clothes. And the teacher can dictate dictation backwards - from the last sentence to the first one. Well, and estimates for this dictation, of course, put up will need to be upside down. Or another option - someone from the students will have to retrain to a teacher, and the teacher will take his place at the school desk.

Can 1 APR in school to hold a school-wide level — the mass of options. The first thing that comes to mind is, perhaps, KVN. In many schools, there are humorous competitions of cheerful and resourceful — so why not to coincide with one of the games for the holiday humor? It is desirable that teachers also participated. You can assemble a separate team of teachers, you can make mixed teams of teachers and high school students — here as you please.

Instead of KVN can hold Humor — a big event with performances and competitions. Contests can be very different, then rely on your imagination. Competition of musical parodies, competition of anecdotes, competition of humorous monologues. All that your heart desires. And you can start (or finish) the event by watching "Yeralash" on the big screen (if there is a projector in the school). By the way, you can make Yumorina thematic, say, in the style of the book "12 chairs" by Ilf and Petrov.

In honor of April 1, the school can also arrange the humorous contest of wall Newspapers. What they devote too you decide. You can make them the review-information: to tell about the history of the holiday, about the most famous prank. But it's better if these Newspapers will be devoted to school. Let the students in a humorous way will highlight the life of the school, can be placed in the newspaper "pearl" of pupils and teachers (probably in several classes there are fans to record fun phrases that sometimes sound in the lessons).

Can April 1 to conduct a "re-branding" of the school offices and to replace the usual signs in funny. For example, the math class to rename "shop tailoring Pythagorean pants", Director's office — in the "Holy of holies", etc again, we need to try to have these plates were not offensive. Not all teachers will be delighted, if on the morning of April 1, found on the door of the teachers a sign saying "hell". You can also signs hang out at school funny ads and quotes. for example: "Look in all schools of the country: superblokbaster" Sit down "and the sequel -" Sit down - 2 "(and stylize it under the movie's poster).

April 1 at school you can spend a lot of fun, if you do not let the celebration take its course, and pre-arrange everything. Thenthe jokes are funny, but not offensive. and all will receive from the holiday only positive emotions.