Every day your child grows and becomes stronger. For two years he had already grown sufficiently large, so his diet can be slightly revised. Moreover, the expansion of the menu of the diet contributes to the physiological development of the child. What should be the child's diet at 2 years.

To two years all body systems of the child begin to undergo changes. Improves not only the liver and pancreas, but also the stomach gets bigger. Milk teeth continue to grow up to three years. At this age, the child's chewing musculature grows stronger, so he does not necessarily need to grind food or grind them. Also at this age the child develops certain taste preferences and the rhythm of nutrition. Therefore, in order to ensure that you do not have any problems with the child's nutrition in the future, it is at this age that the baby's diet should be clearly monitored.

The 2 years is still different from what adults eat. There are numerous products that should not be given to a child, since the digestive system can not cope with them. Therefore, in order not to harm your baby, make an optimal menu for a child of 2 years.

Cereals are still the basis of nutrition of the child in 2 years. but it is desirable to prepare them not crumbly, but viscous. To prepare porridge for a child, it is recommended to take 3 times more liquids than cereals. A nice addition to the porridge will be pieces of fruit. If your child does not want to eat porridge, you can make a casserole from it.

Please note that casserole is a new product. which can be introduced into the diet of a child of 2 years. So, you can make casseroles not only on the basis of porridge, but also from potatoes with meat. In the latter case, meat casseroles are very popular with children.

Sometimes parents reduce the consumption of baby meat. arguing that the baby's stomach can not cope with such food. In fact, meat is perfectly digested, and it contains proteins of animal origin that can not be replaced by anything else. Even with milk and cottage cheese the body does not receive all the substances necessary for the child. At the age of 2 years the child can be given steam cutlets and meatballs. Some boiled meat can now be cut into small pieces so that the child chews them.

The diet of the child in 2 years still consists mainly of vegetables. which are for him the main source of all necessary minerals. At this age, you can give salads from vegetables, grated and seasoned with sour cream. Salad herbs, such as celery leaves, lettuce, dill and parsley, can be added to the diet of the baby in small amounts. By the way, a salad of vegetables or a small fruit can be given to a child if he is hungry, and the feeding time has not yet come. Vegetables and fruits give a short-time saturation, so the appetite will not spoil.

All kinds of soups and borscht are also included in the child's diet at 2 years. Soups it is better to give only 2-3 times a week, but the soup should be given more frequently because it contains many vegetables. But even despite the fact that your child will eat soup or soup, cooking food for the baby will still have separately. The fact that all kinds of herbs and spices that you can add to food, do not go to the child benefit. Child cook the soup without adding tomato paste, pepper and Bay leaf. Note, also, that the soup for the child should be cooked longer so that the vegetables become soft. By the way, you can cook borsch on a meat broth.

Grey, black and white bread, savoury biscuits must be included in the diet of the child. But here all kinds of products from the short pastry, pies and muffin should not be given. Various sweets, such as marshmallows, marmalade, candies, pastilles, jam can be given as a dessert. But too often sweet give a child should not. Also, you can not give your child chocolate, which can lead to an allergic reaction and overexcitation of the nervous system.

In the menu of the child at 2 years is also now part of the liver. It stimulates digestion and hematopoiesis. In addition, the liver is rich in various easily digestible proteins. To cook a baby's liver, it can be extinguished with vegetables.

Do not forget that in the diet of the childshould not include fried, spicy, fatty and spicy dishes. With such a meal, you should wait until later.

My granddaughter, 1 year and 10 months.Her daughter-in-law feeds still bottle semolina,sometimes adding the juice.The child can not eat with a spoon, and especially chewing,are not receiving the necessary power for the development of a healthy body.I came to visit them, tried to feed her with a spoon.She knocks the spoon out of his hands and hysterics.Does not understand the taste of other foods,except for monkey,not even eat biscuits and bread.It is simply because of this feeding is no chewing reflex.Advise.how to cope with this problem.Thank you in advance.

Yeah, I heard about this problem from their friends and it is a problem of mom not the baby.
The fact that the child can not eat from a spoon is not a problem, I for example the child fed by hand and turn the child, the cartoon “Masha and the bear Luntik” and try it just not to feed. Will see in an hour he eats.Daughter-in-law just allows the child lazy
and this is bad and to the detriment of teeth let them think about it.

My son is 1 year 10 months old. I feed him with a spoon of cereal, he just heats them, if a little thickly chokes, does not chew. Advise how to cope?

we stalked with the same problem! just we began to call to visit children and they all ate. he looked at them learned to eat himself.