Adolescence is a very contradictory: for parents of adolescents are still children, and teenagers feel like adults. Girls, for example, put on lipstick and wearing "adult" underwear. That's just underwear for teens should not blindly copy the adult.

Teenage girls want to feel older, and therefore refuse to wear the "kids" cotton panties and t-shirts that were well worn years ago. They want to try on trendy Thong and lace bra! That's just linen out of season and wrong size can lead to various diseases, which are particularly susceptible to the growing body of a teenager. How to choose underwear for Teens?   How to find a compromise between beauty and convenience?

Underwear for teenagers must be the same size. Girls are often difficult to objectively evaluate their figure: they choose too tight panties or too large bras. It is important to explain to the daughter that close cowards will not make the priest seem less, and a large bra will not help visually increase the breast. And wearing too tight or too loose clothes can have a bad effect on health.

Very correctly determine bra size. bra for teenage girls must maintain good breast, not squeezing it. Note that teen bras will have to be bought quite often, as the girl will grow breasts.

The bra is better to choose without pits and without push-up. these bras can compress and even injure the chest, and as a teenager, she just is actively growing, it can lead to major problems in adulthood. For everyday wear you can choose a comfortable bra, like an adult. But for physical education lessons it is better to purchase a sports model with wide straps, which will securely locking the chest.

Many teenage girls large Breasts seems to be the standard of beauty, so they prefer to wear bras with foam inserts to the chest look bigger. But in summer, it should be discarded, no matter how beautiful it may seem: the chest needs to breathe. And even in the cooler months, it is impossible to walk in these bras constantly .

Sometimes it happens that as soon as the teenage girl begins to wear a bra, she goes in it all day without removing: it's like helping her feel more Mature. But we need to remove it, because even the most suitable model for long-term wearing compress the chest. Home is best to wear comfortable cotton tops, which help to support the breast, without squeezing it. And even more impossible to sleep in a bra .

Adolescent girls it is not recommended to wear a Thong. To be honest, and for adult women thongs — not the best choice in terms of hygiene, but for teenagers this is especially important. Lingerie for teenagers should be first and foremost comfortable, no rough seams and other details that can cause discomfort (for example, insertion of the metal).

It is highly desirable to choose underwear made of natural fabrics. The material for making children's underwear, for example, can contain no more than 5% of synthetic fibers. For teenagers, this criterion is not so strict, but all the same, underwear for teenagers should be made of a natural material with a small admixture of synthetics, purely synthetic models should not be purchased. The best choice is a thin cotton fabric.

So lingerie for teenagers should be comfortable and hygienic and beautiful. Now, fortunately, a lot of models are produced, which combine both of these criteria. So if you want, you can pick up a very beautiful underwear for a teenage girl, which at the same time will be beautiful and will not harm her health.