Drug abuse among adolescents is a very common phenomenon, especially today, when drugs are sold quite openly and disseminated through the Internet. In addition, some medicines, which contain narcotic substance, freely dispensed in pharmacies without a prescription.

Why drug addiction among Teens is so common?  The answer is simple: a teenager in the period of personality formation is rather weak and too curious. He wants to grow up as quickly as possible, stand out from the crowd, avoid problems in the easiest way. Alas, bad habits can not solve the problem, they only aggravate it, making a human robot from the person. In some families, drug addiction is the norm, so a teenager, being formed in such an environment, knows nothing better than substances that expand consciousness. But how to protect from the addiction of the child. who, having got into the adult world, is not familiar with such a manifestation of "adulthood"?

Drugs that are now freely available to a teenager are even more terrible than those that are in the world's turnover of narcotic substances. Note thatthe most common and readily available drugs among teenagers is marijuana, stimulants and hallucinogens — substances which are damaging to the brain and internal organs.  These drugs, like, indeed, all the rest, for diligent sale dilute all sorts of chemistry, which increases the amount of the product and doubles its effect on the body. That is why drug business is one of the most profitable categories of world business.

Marijuana is dangerous primarily to the fact that it everywhere easily buy. Often it happens like this: a friend of your child, he tried and decided to plant it outside the company. Explore the dealers assume the risk and confidentiality. The child feels its importance, he believes that this is a great opportunity to grow up, to become independent, "dealing with adult things." Hundreds of movies dictate such a setup, so addiction among adolescents why it is considered fashionable trend. Somehow the heroes we often become gangsters and drug addicts, characteristically affects the fragile psyche of a teenager, eager to get everything at once.

Starting with marijuana, the teenager can go to harder drugs. This is due to the fact that the body ceases to respond to a drug and requires either increasing the dose or changing the drug, so never believe with strong opinion that marijuana is no harm. Marijuana is a terrible drug, because it begins the addiction among adolescents.

Stimulants and hallucinogens dangerous because they dictate active life. Sometimes kids use these drugs in front of the disco. In the end we can dance all night and stay up in the morning cheerful and happy. Two days later, the drug begins to painfully get out of the body. Depression, tearfulness, breaking bones and large eyes are a sign that the teenager had used stimulants. A week may decrease the weight that is typed in less than a week, but double the size. From the use of such drugs begin to crumble teeth and hair to fall out.

Pay attention to your child: if he has frequent mood swings, changes in mood, poor skin, irritability, a constant demand of money, the disappearance of objects in the house, questionable friends, truancy and suicidal thoughts, immediately talk to him. No need to ask in a forehead: "are You an addict?". Even so, it is not recognized, and only more will start to hide the problem. Addiction among adolescents is a global problem, but it is individual for certain families who were affected by this problem.  Ask for help from psychologists, doctors, rehabilitation centers to eradicate the problem right away, preventing it from taking root.

Drug abuse among adolescents is a mass murder against which no weapon except for a quick and medical and psychological assistance. If you want to protect your child from addiction — be straight with him and build a relationship on trust. Talk on serious topics, and explain how it is terrible to lose health in youth, when life is able to surprise every minute and without harmful habits. Drugs — it's just paint, which washed off, and there is emptiness.  Take care of your children, let them know that growing up is not a rule in a bad company, but an authority in one's own family.