All the students look forward to summer vacation — the longest vacation of the year, which last for three months. That's only sometimes it happens that the vacation is too long — at some point it appears that to do nothing, and overcomes boredom. Things for kids to do in the summer?

Common the mistake of many parents is to assume that the child will find entertainment   ("Here he is, rushes around the yard, playing, is not he fun?"). And some simply send a child to a summer camp (sometimes not even one shift) or to a grandmother in the village-there they will surely take care of his leisure. It is only for the child that communication with parents is very important, and summer is the ideal time for communication about everything, not just about school performance. What to do for children in the summer with their parents?

Of course, in the summer parents cannot give the child all the time — they have no holidays, work has not been canceled. But you have a warm and bright summer evenings, but also weekends. What to do with your child on vacation? Try to choose such entertainment that is not available to a child with peers. Let's say you do not let a junior schoolboy with friends go to the river or into the forest, it's too dangerous, but you can not completely deprive him of such a pleasant pastime in nature.

So be sure to include in your plan a summer of fun trips to the beach. By the way, you do not need to go to the beach with your child on weekends: if you do not get too tired after work, you can go to the beach in the evening, at seven o'clock. At this time, the sun does not bake as much as during the day, so your child will not burn. And the water is still warm, warmed up all day.

To walk with the child need only checked the beaches with a nice entrance into the water, clean bottom with no sudden changes in depth. Be sure to take beach hat, children's vehicles from the sun, cool water (not icy and not sweet drinks). Make sure that the child was not too long in the water. By the way, summer is a great time to teach your child to swim. if he doesn't know how.

And on the weekends you can go with a child in the forest. walks through the forest are not only useful for his health, but also very informative. Arrange a mini-excursion for the child, telling about plants and forest dwellers. It is not necessary to climb into the backwoods and thickets: the junior schoolchildren will have enough walks in the forest park. And with older children you can already go camping.

Of course, do not forget about physical activity. Ping-pong, badminton, Bicycle, roller skates. Let the child choose what he prefer. Do not actively impose the sport you have chosen: it is important that the child does not perceive the sport as some kind of "obligatory", but sees that useful things can also be fun and interesting.

In my spare time go out with a child on the Playground. better if you do it will be under your supervision so you in which case it could insure. And in the country you can ask the child to help you take care of the garden. Just do not have too much of it to load: let watering flowers, collecting berries. Here the same principle as with the sport: the child will understand that work can be fun. In General, try to spend more time with your child outdoors.

But, as we have said, the job has not been canceled. What to do if you spend most of your time at work, and the opportunity to send a child to camp or to grandma's where they'll look after him, no? Things for kids to do in the summer? I suggest you find out if your city day camps for children — where the child will be a day under the supervision of, and in the evening he would return home. These camps are not only in schools but also at various children's art centers, schools of foreign languages. Also find out about groups and sections   - Some work even in the summer, and it is much easier to interest the child with a circle or section, when he does not need to think about school and lessons.

In fact, there are many options for what to do in the summer.Main thing is that the parents took care of the leisure of his child. then his summer vacation will be interesting, informative and useful for health and physical development.