Hardening — one of the best ways to strengthen your child's immune system and strengthen resistance to infections. It is best to start hardening of the child in the summer. when it's warm because it will be really effective and will not cause regular colds, which you wanted to avoid.

Deciding to start hardening child in the summer, it is important to choose the right methods of hardening. They will depend on the child's age and his state of health: the younger the child, the weaker his immune system is, the more gentle must be the methods of hardening. Hardening must be gradual and systematic. only in this way will you achieve the desired effect.

There are several types of quenching: air, water, sun. It is best to combine them together, again, taking into consideration the age of the child. You should start with air hardening. it is suitable even for infants (of course, subject to certain rules). The simplest way to air hardening is long walks in the fresh air in warm, windless weather. Naturally, the child should be dressed in the weather.

Also baby can sleep in the fresh air. on the balcony, loggia, veranda. The weather, again, should be warm. Take care that wherever the child sleeps, there are no drafts. Of course, night sleep in the open air is best not to practice: in summer, there may be significant differences between day and night temperatures. But daytime sleep in the open air is what is needed for successful hardening.

The most effective and affordable is water hardening child in the summer. which means first of all bathing in natural reservoirs. But there are some limitations. Up to three years of bathing a child in rivers and lakes is not recommended. Do not immediately allow the child to swim: to begin with, just regularly dip the child into the pond to get used to the water.

For the first bathing (and later too) you need to choose a clean pond with a flat bottom and a good entry into the water. The water temperature in the first bath should be not less than 22 degrees. The first bathing should be short-lived, gradually you can increase the duration up to a quarter of an hour with a 30 minute break in between baths. If the child is a chronic disease of the respiratory organs, include water flooding is possible only when the disease makes itself felt.

May be effective and solar tempering. but don't let the child long to stay in the sun without a hat and constantly watch its condition. Do not necessarily make the child lie under the sun - let him run and play. In hot weather, it's better not to risk, let the child be in the shade: there he will still get his portion of ultraviolet. It is very important to protect the child from a thermal shock (and even more so from a solar one).

Perfect combination of air, water and solar tempering is a trip to the sea, after all here still connected and the healing sea air, and vitamin-rich fresh berries, fruits and vegetables. The rest of the sea — a comprehensive hardening of the child in the summer. which will strengthen his health for the coming year.

Still useful to allow the child walk barefoot on the pebbles, sand and grass. In doing so, you need to make sure that the earth is not too cold (the effect of hardening in this case is achieved not at the expense of low temperature, but thanks to a natural foot massage). Make sure that there are no cigarette butts, debris and other debris on the ground, which the child will be able to injure.

The correct tempering of the child in the summer — is not just a set of individual activities, it is also regular daily routine and lifestyle. Morning should start with charge, which should be done by an open window or even the window. After charging let the child wash with cool water.

It is possible to daily washing add wiping the entire body or legs. At first, the water for wiping should be at room temperature, then gradually the temperature can be lowered. After wiping the child, you must wipe it dry. You need to dress a child in the weather, in no case do not wrap it.

Summer tempering is one of the pledges of good child health. so do not neglect this affordable way of natural strengthening of children's immunity.