Some parents believe that rest one year old child much easier than a vacation with older children. This is because year-old child constantly on hand and not have to worry that he was in a particularly dangerous area. But there are some nuances that should be considered in order not to spoil the holiday itself and the baby.

If you decide to travel abroad, don't forget that the most important documents. Birth certificate is not enough. It is necessary that the certificate attached to the liner with a stamp on citizenship of the child. Best of all, if such a stamp is in the passport of both parents. Rest can be spoiled, because without a stamp on citizenship the child does not pass his first passport control in life.

If you are going to fly on an airplane, remember thatchildren under two years of age are not granted a separate seat. but the flight for kids is free. The downside is that you will have to hold a child for a long time in your arms or in a special backpack-pocket. Resting with a one-year-old child suggests such difficulties, but still calmer when the child is on hand.

With a stroller during the flight no problems. At the customs control it needs to be folded and sent to the conveyor belt. In the airplane, it is placed in a special luggage compartment. However, parents often take a stroller with them on the plane. Firstly, in the plane it is possible for the child to be in the wheelchair; secondly, after the flight you will not wait long for you to get the luggage.

Don't forget that stay with a year — old child is continuously monitoring its comfort. Need to stock up on diapers, wipes, crisp linen and powder. Make sure that your child does not overheat. Many parents, for fear of draughts, dress the child as if the court of winter. In the end, the child gets used to the heat that the slightest draught causes a cold. Dress your child in moderation.

If you are breastfeeding. then you need to take a little breast milk in the bottle. Some mothers do not hesitate and feed their children during the flight. If you are not one of those, then it's better to transport some milk in a bottle. With regard to baby food, it is better to take a la carte, with the expectation that in a hotel (if you plan to stay there) you will have to feed the child yourself. By the way, portioning food can be stored for a while without a refrigerator. Of course, you can agree that the child was prepared separately, but it is better not to take risks. In addition, a child may not immediately take "someone else's" food.

The hotel rest one year old child provided. The room should be a special bed with soft walls. In Arab countries, by the way, children make many discounts and privileges.

The sea it is best to buy child inflatable pool. There is filled with sea water, but the area is just at the knee your little "seaman". Don't risk trying to teach a child to swim in narukavnikov, inflatable vests or lap. It is very dangerous. Child might be scared of the waves and, God forbid, drown. In any case, do not leave children in the care of strangers. In addition, do not use other people's things and make sure that the one-year-old child has less contact with others. At that age, it's easy to pick up an infection that will turn your vacation with a one-year-old into frustration.

Remember that the rest of the one year old child is quite normal. The main thing is foresight and caution. Check all the documents, things and, most importantly, the child's well-being, and boldly go on vacation with the baby.