According to some parents, the preparation of the child for school consists in the acquisition of a school uniform, a backpack and office supplies. But the "material" aspect of preparation is far from being the most important, much more important, as far as the child is ready for learning intellectually and psychologically.How to prepare a child for school?

To determine which aspects of preparation for the school should be paid special attention, the diagnosis of the child's readiness for school is needed. Based on the results of the diagnosis, a specialist (teacher or psychologist)what exactly does the child need to "pull up" before the school. and will give you advice on how to prepare a child for school. Therefore, it is worthwhile to take care of diagnostics in advance, in time to "pull all the tails" by September.

Diagnosing intellectual readiness, the expert checks,as the child developed memory, thinking, attention, perception, speech, coordination, fine motor skills, orientation in space  and so on. If deviations occur in the development of any of the cognitive functions, it is advisable to correct them before the child goes to school.

If the deviations are insignificant, you can confine yourself to independent studies with the child: the teacher can recommend exercises for you to develop attention, memory, speech, phonemic hearing, fine motor skills, etc. Butthere are cases in which it is better to seek help from a specialist. For example, if a child has problems with diction (for example, he does not pronounce a letter), it is better to consult a speech therapist.

However, to successfully prepare your child for school this will be enough. It is very important to pay enough attention to the health and physical development of the child. Before the school, the child must undergo a full medical examination, according to which the doctors formulate recommendations. After that, you will have a whole summer ahead - the ideal time to strengthen the immunity of the child before the school.

If you want to give the child to any sports section, it is better to do this before he goes to school. so he could get used to it. If in September the child at once school in school and additional sports will fall down, it will be very difficult for him. So sports should be either started in advance, or postponed until the moment when the child adapts to the school. But it's better to give the child to the section in the summer: she will additionally impart to him the discipline skills necessary in school.

Also of great importance is the psychological readiness of the child to school. Your task is to explain to the child what awaits him when he goes to school. However, it is important not to intimidate, and to form the child's positive attitude to schooling. Do not scare the child with school and teachers, when he does not behave the way you would like.

It is very important to ensure that your child has adequate self-esteem. Of course, for you he is probably the best, the smartest and the most talented. But you should not instill in him an unshakable confidence in his own exclusivity: at school there will certainly be children who are better than him in this or that sphere, and this can be a blow for him. Praise the child for real achievements, but do not over-praise.

At the other extreme, too, do not bump. Yes, among the fellow practitioners of the child there will necessarily be children who are stronger than him, but you do not need to pre-adjust your child to failure. The child expects support from you, because it will not be easy in the first class.Let him know that you will still love him regardless of his successes and failures .

More important to form a day in the child. so that he did not have to rebuild from the first of September. Gradually begin to accustom the child to that regime of the day, which he will have at school, otherwise in the first months of training your child will have a hard time.

Prepare your child for school is quite real, but still, you are advised to consult specialists (doctors, psychologist, teacher, speech therapist, etc.) to to understand what aspects of training do you need to pay special attention. Then by September your child will be ready to go to school and storm the fortress of knowledge.