That was the seventh month of the life of your toddler. During this time, the kid learned. Now it's time for new discoveries and knowledge that await your child. The land of the Soviets tell you how the child's development in 8 months.

{!LANG-d449d3adb3aa2f40217d533cf49247da!}at first the baby should start to crawl{!LANG-4539ea0cfe4ee98d6a05ad915eb2657b!}

Many children in 8 months can climb and walk at stops{!LANG-58f8af7697289243c0882ddb263137d4!}

Emotionally the child's development in 8 months I made great progress. The baby begins to feel the fear of being abandoned by his mother{!LANG-212a301cf3857889961f1ffbf4bf4001!}

In your 8 months the baby begins to babble. Parents may note that their child prefers now consonant sounds. building them in a complex series. Thus vowel sounds, characteristic for two or three months, disappear from the speech of the baby. Also note that the child appears a certain range of sound, which he uses most.

{!LANG-bc4bee6722c91f6d9ced0261862ba375!}to understand the requests of adults and execute them{!LANG-9fd15ec5174c39a10c8b5d14ef57a13a!}

Arrange lessons for a child 8 months every day. You can play various learning games{!LANG-135bd34adc0de3f5b73db3511dd98fff!}

Will be useful and other games with a child 8 months, aimed at physical development of the child. If you have wall bars, and let the baby hang on the rings. Pay attention to how you'll thumb: it should be on the bottom of the crossbar. Watch forces toddler as soon as he gets tired, immediately pick him up.

Toys for baby 8 months can be very different, but they should be suitable for age your kid{!LANG-0ce86192e0b949348aef272293d5c0c7!}

Another child carry toys to attach them to one another or to choose the right and suitable size. By the way, in this age, the child understands that toy that he sees, not gone forever{!LANG-1114d2173721045228ba9dbf54d84458!}