At some point, many moms and dads face the problem of falling asleep of a child. Then came the evening and the baby over been laid in the crib, but the child does not want to sleep, he cries and is cranky. And here starts the real torture for parents. If you want to radically change the situation, you need to know how to put the baby to sleep.

There are several ways how to put the baby to sleep. Each of them is good in its own way, so you can choose something suitable for you. Perhaps, you will need several ways that you can put the child to sleep both during the day and at night.

Remember that each child, like any adult, there are your biological clock. In infants, biorhythms still do not manifest themselves much, as children at this age wake up when they want to eat. Yes, and the baby's dream can last from a few minutes to a couple of hours. But over time, when the child grows up and he already sleeps twice a day, you may notice that the daytime sleep comes around at about the same time. And the baby wakes up like an alarm clock.

To know the biorhythms of the baby, watch him for a few days  and write in the notebook when the child is tired and wants to sleep. If you see only the first signs of fatigue (the child rubs his eyes with fists, yawns, perhaps he can start to rock the doll or sing a lullaby), put the baby to sleep. Duration of packing should not exceed 45 minutes! If you see that the child is already falling asleep, but the time for sleep has not yet come, immediately put the baby in the crib without any other rituals, which we will talk about later. If at least a little late, then the next moment when the child again wants to sleep, you can catch only after 2 hours.

Now take a closer look at how to put toddler to sleep. So for children up to 5-6 months the most excellent option is to fall asleep under a rocking. When it's time to sleep, take the baby in your arms and start to rock him. Walk around the room, sing him a lullaby without words. When you see that the child has fallen into a deep sleep, only then can you shift it into a crib. If you stop the motion sickness earlier, the baby can wake up when you shift it into the crib.

In addition to sickness helps baby fall asleep feeding. You already could notice that the child is falling asleep literally during feeding. You can use this method. And that the child does not wake up, when you put it into the crib, you can lie next to him and sleep too. So you will relax, and the baby will definitely sleep soundly.

But these methods are suitable for small children, but with children after six months, whose biological clock is already impacting the daily routine, it's different. It is often impossible to put the child to sleep without tears. But there is a way. And the main secret is to you always followed the rituals .

Rituals help to develop the child desired mode. And because they are repeated day in and day little after a week starting to sleep much calmer. So, what it may be for rituals? It's all those actions that you'll do every day: bathing in a warm bath, brushing teeth, reading books, lullabies, slide the curtains, etc, there is one condition you must fulfill: all chosen actions must be repeated day by day. So, if your baby falls asleep very well after a warm bath, let it be a ritual. To improve the effect can bathe the child in water with the addition of a series as it soothes. After a bath you can read the child a book, to push the curtains, extinguish the light, say Goodnight, etc., to choose those actions that will commit.

If you cannot put the baby to sleep without tears, then select the tactics. Put the baby in the crib, leave the room for three minutes. If the child begins to whimper, do not come back. Usually within one minute many children calm down and fall asleep. If the child crying hysterically, then you have to take the baby in his arms, shake it, calm the lullaby. When the baby calms down, put the baby in the crib and quietly leave the room. It is possible that you will have to come back again, as the child can wake up. But remember that the whole process of putting the baby can not last longer than 45 minutes.

Young mothers know that children rarely sleep well at night. If your child woke up. immediately go to him and begin to calm him while he is sleepy. There are rules here: do not turn on the light, do not speak in a loud voice, sing a lullaby without words, do not take the baby in your arms, change the diaper only as a last resort, if you can not do without it.

Remember, that a child sleeps well at night, he needs daytime sleep. Also, do not feed the baby at night with sweet, protein and carbohydrate food. If you give meat, then in small quantities. Also, one hour before sleep, you should end all active and noisy games. Do not miss your rituals at all and do not put the baby to bed later than usual.

in this article, the tips that led to my judai situation! When I bedtime baby swing on hand (and it is already over 10 pounds and have swing for half an hour or more) then breast feed, then he sleeps beside me and everything seems fine, but! To depart from it while sleeping is not possible (say say “at the same time rest and you”, it is certainly nice, but for me who will do my homework, and I sleep as much as he can't!), because the boob he already uses as a pacifier and without her not sleeping at all, my bed does not perceive, because I used to sleep with me! When I after the sickness I shift in bed, then starting to panic and the dream vanished.

The same situation. the child is not yet 3 months, first I slept during feeding, a month and a half due to cramps became restless and we were still and swing. at first only at night, now the day without rocking him to sleep did not want to sleep, nervous at the breast, breathing fast, eyes rubbing, but can not sleep. Even if you manage to stack and he goes to sleep, I have to lie there, or it's a dream for 10-15 minutes! But not all day lying))))) it Turns out that the household chores are done in three hours, his restful sleep in the air, as well falling asleep only in the stroller in the fresh air.
Decided to wean from motion sickness. My mother disaccustomed me for a week: she just lay in bed and let me rush through and fall asleep herself. Let's see if I succeed

horror, not advice. from the very beginning of the article, I realized that this is a complete nonsense

I can advise as a father of 3 children
1. To go to bed and read fairytales to your child. Under the impressions the child falls asleep very quickly.
2. If there is no time or energy. To put the audio fairy whom a lot on the Internet.
Can recommend for example a good channel on YouTube – a huge number of fairy tales and nursery rhymes in one place and swing is not necessary.
Cut either on the computer or on the phone. Children are listening and protochnogo fall asleep. tales are added every day.
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