Many believe that the appearance of stretch marks (striae) on the body tend to only pregnant women and victims of diets, but it is not. Stretch marks can appear to be "adult" problem, but affects about 10% of adolescents — both girls and guys. Why there stretch marks in teenagers and how to deal with them?

In fact, stretch marks are scars from the skin microtrauma. If the skin is subjected to a sharp or heavy load, microcracks appear, in the place of which a connective tissue is formed, differing in color and structure from the rest of the skin. Immediately after the appearance of the stretch, usually reddish or purple, eventually they acquire a white or light pink color.

Two main causes of stretch marks is hormonal changes in the body and fast loss (set) weight or muscle mass. During puberty, the hormonal system of a teenager is rebuilt, there may be sudden jumps in growth and weight changes, hence the stretch marks in adolescents.

Most often stretch marks in adolescents are localized in the breast area, thighs, buttocks and belly. So, stretch marks on the chest of a teenage girl can appear from the fact that the breasts began to grow very quickly and quickly. Much less often there are stretch marks on the back, they can talk about a lack of muscle mass or diseases of the internal organs, so when you have strains on your back, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible.

In fact, the doctor should contact if you see any stretch marks in teen, as they may indicate hormonal disorders. This happens infrequently, but it's better to be safe and make sure that your child is healthy. By the way, the appearance of stretch marks can also be affected by heredity: if one of the parents has stretch marks, they can appear in the child.

Treatment of stretch marks is a very time-consuming process. Because stretch marks are composed of connective tissue, to make them just "disappear" impossible, we can only make them less noticeable as possible. For stretch marks you can use special cosmetic means with silicone and collagen, and you can contact salon treatments — mesotherapy and laser skin resurfacing.

However, cosmetics are not always be effective enough, a course of mesotherapy takes about six months when at least two sessions per month, and laser resurfacing will cost you a pretty penny. So stretch marks in teenagers it is easier to prevent than to cure .

It is important to avoid excessive physical exertion. Of course, physical activity is very important for a teenager, but it must be moderate: excessive loads can cause the very micro-traumas of the skin that lead to the appearance of stretch marks. Adolescent girls should not sit on a strict diet for weight loss: a sharp weight loss will not only lead to the appearance of stretch marks, but can cause much more serious health problems.

It is also important that teen eat right. His diet must include foods rich in vitamins (particularly A, C and E), as well as sources of unsaturated fatty acids (vegetable oils, fish, some vegetables) and protein (animal and vegetable).

In the prevention of stretch marks you can do massage in problem areas, ensured adequate hydration. A good result given water treatment (e.g., emotional shower and swimming). Also, during puberty you need to do is to consult a doctor-endocrinologist to check the status of a hormonal background of the child .

Stretch marks in teenagers can cause many complexes, so it is important to give the teenager to understand that stretch marks is not as scary as it might seem at first glance, and to teach him to love his body .