You, as the parent of a child, it seems that just yesterday you still took your child to kindergarten. But time flies, and now your son or daughter already goes to school. First grade, second, third. There is already up teenage problems remained close. I think you must still not lose? Perhaps you are mistaken, because puberty in children starts early.

If in the last century we were taught that adolescence (puberty) begins at the age of 13-15 years, now that time frame has greatly shifted. Modern children grow up much earlier. There are certain problems, because now there are not only changes in the body, but also in the psyche of the child. And you, as loving and caring parents, you have to be ready for everything.

Puberty in boys

Puberty in boys starts at 11-12 and ends at the age of 14-16 years. But this time frame can not be applied to all boys, because sometimes such "surprises" in the development of the child can occur even at the age of 9-11. And at this time in the body of the boy there are various changes, to which the psyche of the child may even be unprepared.

It all starts with increasing the size of the testicles, which produce the male hormone testosterone. Under the influence of testosterone, other changes occur in the child's body. Externally, the changes will be noticeable very soon, as acne appears, the child begins to sweat, hair in the armpits and pubic hair grows, and eventually hair appears on the face. Also under the action of the hormone, the ligaments lengthen and thicken. Such changes lead to the fact that the voice of the child begins to "break down". Another natural change in the body of a child is a jump in growth. But by the end of puberty, your son is becoming a real man.

Puberty in girls

In girls, puberty occurs earlier than in boys. Usually changes in the body of girls are already beginning at the age of 10-11 years. If any changes began before 10 years, then parents should show the child to the endocrinologist. The puberty period at girls at the age of 16-17 comes to an end.

It all starts with the production of the hormone estrogen in the ovaries girls. This hormone has an impact on the development of secondary sexual characteristics and sexual organs themselves. Also under the influence of hormones under the skin of girls accumulates adipose tissue, which helps form the child's body on the female type. Also, begin to grow hair in the armpits and groin, to develop the mammary glands, the vagina lengthens and the uterus is growing (although apparently these changes are not visible).

Please note that mammary glands begin to develop and grow from 12 to 19 years. It all depends on hereditary predisposition of the body. The first menstruation usually begins by the time when the formation of the mammary glands is completed. During the first year, menstruation may be irregular.

Difficulties of raising

Puberty adolescents is a very difficult period for parents and their children. Be prepared that over the next 3-5 years you will have to face different troubles. And it all begins with the fact that children become inquisitive. They want to know what is happening to them. In addition, there is interest in the opposite sex. But the problem is that children can get the information they need from the Internet, from older children and from you. Often the information that children find on the Internet, or what their friends tell them, is distorted. Therefore, it is best for parents to tell them what is happening in the child's life at the moment.

Since we are talking about puberty, and before the first sexual relations is close. So it's time to introduce both boys and girls, with condoms. Explain to the child why condoms are needed, how to use them. Also indicate that the use of condoms will help to avoid unwanted pregnancies and not become infected with various infections.

Be prepared for changes in the child's mind. At this age your child begins to form self esteem. And its formation is known to impact the point of view of others. Not surprisingly, it is now Teens in crisis. when affect the child becomes almost impossible. Also emotionally it will be pronounced polarity of the psyche. So, your child will need communication and privacy. You can also see the dedication of the child and his instability, his self-confidence and self-doubt, a desire to be independent and the expectation of help from parents, tenderness and cruelty, romanticism and cynicism, shyness and swagger in behavior.

Such changes in the child's behavior is normal, because he now puberty. Parents now needed to give the child as much time as possible. A teenager should feel loved. But do not forget to control your child. Constant supervision can not be established, but try to keep abreast of developments in the child's life.

And the most important thing is that you don't forget to respect the feelings of your child. Do not laugh at the first love, and she, most likely, will come at this age. And do not be afraid when your son or daughter goes on a first date. This is an integral part of every person's life. Remember yourself when you were the same. Have you not experienced anything like this?