From birth to 18 years each child has individual rights that are enshrined in the UN Convention on the rights of the child. Unfortunately, in practice these rights are often violated, and the offenders remain unpunished simply because the child does not complain. Therefore, parents should, in particular, to follow, do not break the rights of the child in kindergarten.

The Convention on the rights of the child is not the only document which sets out the rights of the child. Each country has its normative documents that contain an enumeration of fundamental rights of the child. In the Russian Federation this is, for example, the Family Code, the Law "On Basic Guarantees of the Rights of the Child in the Russian Federation", the Law "On Education". They include, among other things, the rights of the child in the kindergarten.

So, the child has the right to health. This means that pre-school institutions should be able to provide medical assistance to the child, if necessary.

Also all children have the right to development of physical and creative abilities. In the pre-school institution, the pedagogical team is responsible for the realization of this right. In kindergarten, children should not only play - they need creative pursuits that will help develop the abilities inherent in every child since birth.

Gross violation of the rights of the child is the maltreatment of children. It occurs, by the way, more often than you think. The point is that cruel treatment means not only physical and sexual violence, but also mental (emotional).

To emotional violence  in particular, constant criticism of the child, insulting remarks, verbal threats, failure of the adult to fulfill his promises, lie, intentional isolation of the child (physical or social).

In kindergarten, the child runs the risk of practically any kind of emotional violence: unfortunately some teachers allow themselves to raise the voice of the pupils. unflattering about them to respond. Yes, and parents sometimes the most effective method of upbringing is to increase the voice.

Unfortunately, some consider these methods of education familiar and normal. But we should not forget that this is the violation of the rights of the child. Young children are very impressionable, so that a teacher who constantly screams at them can cause them serious psychological trauma.

Ignoring the needs of the child  also considered cruel treatment of children. In the kindergarten, the care of the child is assigned to the collective of the pre-school institution, which means that he is responsible for meeting the needs of the pupils. So the educator is a "nihilist" engaged in his own affairs, while the children are left to themselves, violates the rights of your child.

How to respect the rights of the child in kindergarten, should a parent follow. It is important to make sure that in the pre-school children's facility you have chosen, there is a qualified staff who knows their business and can provide a comfortable stay for the child in the kindergarten, as well as the necessary conditions for comprehensive upbringing and development of the child.

Parents have every right interested in working order, working schedule and curriculum of kindergarten. and this right does not need to be neglected: you must be 100% sure that your child's rights are not violated. Communicate with other parents and be sure to listen to your child: if he complains, do not immediately assume that he has invented everything.

What to do if any of the teachers or caregivers have violated your child's rights. for example, insulted him or even slapped upside the head? Start with statements to the Director of the preschool, he is obliged to consider it and take appropriate action. If the Director ignored the statement, and the actions of the teacher caused significant harm to the child, you can contact the police.

Help please advice! In our kindergarten, my child hit a girl in the nose. On the same day, the pope came to the kindergarten and asked me to take my child out and put my daughter in front of my boy and told my daughter to hit my son! My question was whether he had the right to do so and the educator did the right thing? And the most interesting given parent did not come to us for disassembly, but decided to solve the situation independently with the help of the child! WHAT TO DO HELP or ASSIST.

The actions of the girl's father are illegal, he had no right to find out the relationship with the young child. We have a similar situation. Yesterday the parent of a girl from my son's group threatened my child with reprisals, for the fact that he had stepped on her leg unreasonably, and apologized to her mother that it was not enough. She, in the absence of me, came and shook her fist in front of him. I wanted to deal with her, she does not react, I wrote a statement to the district police officer because the child's rights to the dignity and dignity of the child's privacy were violated.

Hello, tell me please, I have a disabled son + hyperactive (we visit a neurologist and a child psychologist in a kindergarten). The boy is very tall and large in comparison with his peers. Steady complaints about behavior towards other children. Lately the cases have been learned, the parents began to educate him independently, when asked by the educator who allowed them, she responds that she does not know anything. The child is 4 years old, I don `t know what the parents say to my son. I have a question: Do they have the right, how to influence my child with other parents? And how to perceive the behavior of the educator on this situation?

hello, my daughter is in the kindergarten three children are spending this a year already. parents of children can not be influenced by their caregivers, too. my daughter does not want to go to the kindergarten. how to solve this problem!

hello. my child goes to the kindergarten. from us require material assistance 5000 rubles, not through the cash register, but in the hands. And buy office supplies at your own expense. Is this normal or not?

hello, tell me what to do if the kindergarten teachers do not follow the children, do anything except children

In our kindergarten, my child hit the nose of another boy. This boy turned out to be the son of a teacher of another group. The further actions of this tutor were such that she pushed my son, he did not hit his head strongly against the railing, then she went into the group and dragged him to the toilet there she soaped his mouth and eyes with soap as my son claims, she does not admit it and says that she just washed his face, but I believe my child

Hello! We had an unpleasant situation in the garden. We are left the last year in the garden, everything is fine, the garden is good, the staff is excellent! But a week ago, without warning, we were evicted from the group and children were scattered all over the garden! This all happened before going to bed, the children were put on other people's beds! We were explained the following: that our group is small for our children and there will be kids, and we will be moved to a larger group! Nothing at all, but in that group a cold bedroom and children are put in the gym. A week later we learn that our city official sends his son to the garden, and it is in our. And he liked our group more than others. And he urgently needs to begin repairs in order to give the child to the garden. Tell me where is justice. And can anything be achieved in this situation?

Hello. My daughter is in kindergarten accidentally dropped a roll of toilet paper in the toilet. Babysitter forced my kid to get a swollen paper with his bare hands out of the toilet. When I found out and was outraged, she said, “And I, or what is it supposed to get?” I was shocked that the nanny is not aware that by doing so she humiliates the child. Plus, it's not hygienic, especially since it is her job!

on the eve of March 8 my teacher did not take my granddaughter for matinee and left with a nanny in the bedroom where she changed her bed. The baby cried for her tears did not react.

Hello. I have this situation in the kindergarten. My child, who is 5 years old, is accused of cruelty and inadequate behavior, educators and individual parents. I raise a child alone, due to the circumstances of life, we went through many kindergartens in our city and now I finally want to visit the present kindergarten before school. But Not in one garden before this garden, to me and my child nebylo censures that he is aggressive. The child does have some defects in development. He does not speak cleanly - but says he does not eat well, maybe he is not very quick. But then I realized that our educators simply do not want to give proper attention to my child, who needs a certain approach. It is easier for them to work with adapted children, who all easily get it.

My child is infringed in his rights by educators, they say that he is a bully and a fighter. They plant it separately from other children, do not put devices like all children at a table, fork, for example. Do not serve food on the menu (for example, beetroot) for dinner, because they believe that he will not eat it all exactly. God knows what else they infringe on him. They complain to their parents about him, and they in turn turn to me. My child is not perceived as a person and breaks his psyche, the initiators of the conflict are educators. I consider that such methods are not permissible, and the child can get a psychological trauma and kinder certainly will not! How to be? In the rest of the parents I see characteristic egoism, no one wants to understand what's going on, only to blame and blame the mother who is most unprotected in this situation alone.