During pregnancy You try to eat right, regularly take vitamins and exercise in the first place in order for the baby to be born healthy. After the appearance of the crumbs into the light, You must also carefully take care of strengthening the immune system of the child. On what first of all to pay attention, tell the expert.

After the baby is born prefer breastfeeding. Mother's milk contains all the necessary vitamins and nutrients, as well as immune bodies that promote healthy growth and development of crumbs. Anti-infectious properties of breast milk provide protection of the baby from a number of pathogens and viruses. In addition, feeding is a special process, during which the mother and baby become especially close.

If You for some reason are forced to switch from breastfeeding to formula milk, remember that the product must be suitable for Your baby  and contain all the components necessary for its development. For this, it is best to seek advice from a pediatrician.

When the child has grown up, his daily diet should include foods that contain the highest amount of nutrients and beneficial effects on the body. For example, fresh vegetables and fruits, berries, greens, unrefined rice, products from wholemeal flour. Also remember that the immune system helps to form crumbs of lactic acid bacteria that form in its intestines. If the bowel function is violated for some reason, it is necessary to temporarily introduce into the baby's diet sour-milk products. Also, for the normal development of the child, eggs, meat and fish are needed.

Before eating and after walks and playing with the animals necessarily wash your hands. If you and baby are out, You will rescue baby wipes, which are suitable for delicate and sensitive baby skin is not dry and carefully clean it.

Aside from proper diet and hygiene an important role in the development and strengthening of the immune system of the child is hardening. Remember that this procedure must be carried out sequentially. During bathing, gradually reduce the water temperature by a few tenths of a degree (from 36ºC and below), and then rinse the crumbs cooler. Be sure to follow the reaction of the baby: he should be comfortable.

Also hardening of the child contribute to "air baths". Since each crumb responds differently to changes in ambient temperature, the procedure time is individual. Initially, you should leave the baby undressed for two or three minutes, while it is better to turn it on the tummy. At the end of this time, it is necessary to check whether the handles, legs, and baby's nose have cooled, and then put it on. This procedure is desirable to repeat 3-4 times a day. In the future, the duration of "air baths" can be increased to 15-20 minutes.

Remember that after an action-Packed "kid's life" the day a baby requires strong and adequate sleep for recuperate. Thus, the newborn is recommended to sleep about 16-18 hours a day, a year-old baby – 12-13 hours, kids at the age 6-7 years – 10 hours.

Parents who want their child to calmly fall asleep, it every night to give a couple of hours preparing to sleep. It is important to follow a certain sequence of actions regularly, even when you are out of the house: bathing, massage, feeding, changing a diaper, a lullaby. So crumb will be easier to tune in for an evening dream.

Yuri Somov Smolkin, Professor, M. D., Vice-President of the Association of children allergists and immunologists of Russia, member of the Advisory Board of JOHNSON'S® BABY.