In the West Halloween is especially loved by children, because in this day you can dress up in fun (and spooky) costumes and go from house to house, extorting from the owners of the sweets. We have Halloween celebrates mostly young people, but every year more and more organized, and events for children on Halloween. How to hold a kids Halloween party?


Start preparing for the holiday better, of course, with making a guest list: depending on how many children should come to the holiday party, you will be able to determine the number of treats and make a holiday program. A good solution would be to make an individual invitation for kids Halloween for each guest. Naturally, the proposal has to be done in the spirit of the holiday: old pirate map, a secret message or a threatening note in which all the letters cut from Newspapers and pasted on a sheet of paper.

Then enjoy a home decoration. How to decorate an apartment on a children's Halloween? Options weight, limits you to only your imagination and budget. Silhouettes of black cats, bats, witches and skulls, webs of thread, paper garlands, black and sinister "bloody" candles. And, of course, a variety of crafts from pumpkins. By the way, "Jack lanterns" out of pumpkins can be made in advance, but it is best to turn the manufacture of such lamps in the part of the entertainment programme — children will love it.

Of course, kids Halloween can't do without a festive table. Do not have to invent some soglasnye meals

  • cupcakes-mummies: chocolate cupcakes (cupcakes) cover with stripes of white frosting that mimic the bandages and instead of the eye, use a chocolate bean in colored glaze
  • eyed salad: on the surface of any salad, place two slices of tomato on them — a little sour cream or mayonnaise (this will be the whites of the eyes) and half black olives (eyeballs)
  • gingerbread zombie bake gingerbread men, each of the men cut the hand, leg, or head, and red icing, draw eyes, a bloodied mouth and blood on the torn off extremities (head)
  • spiders from the eggs the usual deviled eggs garnish with spiders from olives — half olives is the body of a spider but eight thin strips of black olives — paws (four "legs" on each side "body")
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