When the family a child is born, a list of possible scenarios of the New year celebration cut: no noisy feasts or night with fireworks, Hiking in night club or restaurant. How to celebrate New year with baby. to and baby not to cause discomfort, and most do not die of boredom?

Of course, much depends on the age of your child. If the baby is still quite small, you will probably have a quiet New year with family. Don't worry thinking that you will have the whole new year's night to spend watching "twist of fate". Quiet holiday — not so boring. Nobody prevents to invite guests and think over a cultural program.

Surely in your circle has the same young family with kids — why not invite them? You can put the kids to bed in one room and set the table to another, or in the kitchen. As an entertainment program, smart and board games. Very exciting can be the desktop role-playing games - Dungeons \u0026 Dragons, Munchkin. Believe me, these games will help you pass the time not only until midnight, but until the morning. The main thing is not to forget from time to time to check how your children are there.

The older children can already participate in the celebration of the New year, but can hardly wait until midnight to celebrate the New year with my parents. In this case you can, again, invite other parents with children around the same age as your child. New year celebration break into two parts. start with an entertainment program and a feast for the children, and when the children are tired, put them to bed and continue to celebrate the adult company.

How to celebrate the New year with an older child? Children of secondary school age it is possible to connect to the preparations: let him help you choose or make cards and gifts, come up with a script and costumes to decorate the apartment for the New year, to compose a festive menu to prepare simple meals, set the table, etc. New year celebration with your child a great opportunity to "fall into childhood": to participate in fun contests, build a snowman, try on a costume.

If you want to celebrate the New year in adult company, but I'm afraid to let a child celebrate the New year with peers, invite friends with children and make it a double party  (if the area of ​​the apartment allows): in one room to cover the "adult" table, in the other - "child". On the one hand, you celebrate the New Year separately, on the other - your children are nearby and you can look after them.

If the apartment you have a small can together with several families to rent a cozy country cottage  (but, naturally, you need to take care of this in advance, but not before the holiday itself). Some restaurants can offer an entertainment program for children: while adults celebrate, their children are occupied by animators. However, this option is not suitable for young children who may get tired and want to sleep at the height of the holiday.

If you decide to invite to the child of father Frost and the snow maiden, you need to keep several things in mind. If the child is still small (2-3 years), meeting with Santa Claus may not please him, and to frighten. So think several times before inviting Santa Claus to a young child. It is best if the role of Santa Claus will be performed by someone familiar and not a stranger. And, of course, need to explain to your child who Santa Claus is and why he comes.

Planning the New year with a baby, you need to remember several important points. The younger the child, the less ambitious should be a celebration. Pay special attention to the festive table: most dishes that are made to cook for the New Year, for the baby's stomach are too heavy. Therefore, it is advisable to cover for the child (children) a separate table or to put on a common table dishes suitable for children.

Whether to force the child to adhere to the regime in new year's eve?  A baby does not distinguish the New Year from any other day, so put him to bed at the usual time. Older children can succumb to the general festive excitement and ask you to allow them to stay awake longer. You can go to meet the child, but at the first signs of fatigue, still put him to sleep.