Some families, instead of celebrating New Year at home, prefer to travel during the winter holidays, meeting the New Year in Europe or in warm countries. However, if the family has children, not every country is suitable for winter holidays. By planningholidays with children for the New Year. it is necessary to take into account several important nuances.

With young children the new year holidays abroad it is better not to. for them it will be more stress than rest, especially if the trip is short. The same goes for the New Year with children in warm countries. Do not give in to temptation to give a child a summer in the middle of winter, if you do not have time and / or money for a long holiday: acclimatization takes time, so there's no point in going for a week. In addition, after returning from summer to winter, a child may become ill; you do not want him to spend the winter holidays in bed with a thermometer under his arm?

Therefore, it is better to go on vacation with children on New Year's Eve in Europe.One of the best countries for family winter holidays with children is Finland. Travel agencies offer a wide range of tours to Finland specifically for families with children: here you and the "children's" hotel, and entertainment.

In addition, during a trip to Finland, you will have the opportunity to visit Lapland - the birthplace of Santa Claus.The Santa Claus Village. The most famous residence of Santa, is located near the Lapland town of Rovaniemi.

During the Christmas holidays, from December 1 to January 9, the park is open from 9 am to 7 pm. The exception is December 24 (from 9 am to 3 pm), on December 25 (from 12 pm to 5 pm), on December 31 (from 9 am to 5 pm), and on 1 January (from 12 pm to 5 pm hours of the evening). Please note thatsome establishments in the park may have their own opening hours .

It is also worth remembering that the climate in Lapland in winter is severe enough for young children. thereforeif your child is less than four years, it is not necessary to book a tour directly to Lapland. You can spend most of the rest in another part of the country with a milder climate, and in the village of Santa Claus get out for one day (good, there is a very well developed transport system).

By the way, to celebrate the New year with a child not only in Finland but in the Nordic countries — Norway, Denmark or Sweden. In all these countries, you can also pick up Christmas tours for families with children. Also an excellent option will be tonew Year holidays in the Baltics - Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania .

Rest with children for the New Year in Europe is also quite common. Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Italy. All these and many other countries during the Christmas holidays are simply transformed, so thatnew Year holidays in Europe will be for your child the real Christmas tale.

The main thing — to think in advance the program or to pick up a special tour that the child was not boring. Acquaintance with the sights is, of course, informative, but surely the child will like the trip to the zoo or amusement park more than the most informative excursion. Although, of course, children are different, so be guided by the tastes of your child.

In whatever country you decide to go,to plan a Christmas vacation with a child abroad need to advance. So you have time to pick up a suitable tour, until everyone has booked up to you, and settle all the nuances with the documents. You do not need to spend all winter holidays abroad: after the arrival of the child should remain a few days to "relax after rest", before he returns to school or kindergarten.