Steam bath – a great way to strengthen the immune system of the baby. To ensure that the child quickly got used to an unfamiliar environment and adapt to changes in temperature, parents need to know some features of staying with him in the sauna. Expert gives tips on how how to prepare your child for a trip to the steam room. the procedure has benefited his health.

Visit the bath together with the baby only if he is already three years. His cardiovascular system and the mechanisms of thermoregulation are still in the process of development, so if the baby is younger than this age, the probability is high that it can overheat.

Prepare the child to go to a steam room, tell him that there will occur, for example, come up with a story about hot countries. Then it is easier to transfer the temperature change. Remember that the feeling of a baby is largely dependent on your mood and behavior. so be relaxed and calm. If you are with a crumb visit the steam room for the first time, it is better to keep it on hand. Thus, it adapts faster, and it will be easier for you to feel the reaction of the baby to what is happening.

Take a bath favorite toy crumbs. They will help him to quickly settle in unfamiliar surroundings. Also you will need the means for bathing the baby, a soft towel, a warm gown, clean underwear and a cap on the head.

Before the procedure, pour the baby with warm water, and then put a hat on it and enter the steam room.It is important to make sure that the temperature is 60-80°C. Remember that the crumb should be there no more than three minutes. If he felt unwell, he is capricious, it's worth bringing the baby to a room with the usual air temperature. In this case, pay attention to the fact that the next visit to the steam room should not last more than 10 minutes. If you notice that the child likes the sauna, it is better to increase the frequency of stay there, but not the time.

Soar kid with a broom when he was used to bath procedures. Please remember that this should be done gradually. First give the baby to breathe through the foliage, warm legs, feet, slowly move back. When choosing a broom, give preference to duties of birch, oak and lime trees, they are kids. You can also use infusions of various herbs, for example sage, mint or eucalyptus.

After you came out of the steam room it should be poured with warm water, gradually cooling it. Since sudden changes in temperature are undesirable for crumbs. Then water the baby. As a rule, after visiting the bath, children fall asleep, so parents should prepare everything necessary in advance to put the child. It is important to note that the crumb for recreation requires 2-3 times more time than it was in the steam room.


Before the first visit to the steam room with your baby, be sure to consult with a specialist. Remember that the bath is contraindicated if the child has such chronic diseases as :

  • pathology of the Central nervous system
  • endocrine disorders;
  • problems of the cardiovascular system
  • acute infectious diseases, high temperature
  • metabolic disease.

Also note that the lower the humidity, the easier tolerated high temperature in the steam room .

Cosmetics for baby

Leather scraps are very sensitive and prone to dryness and irritation. So it is necessary with special attention to the choice of cosmetic products for bathing the baby. It is recommended to use liquid foam-shampoo-and-cream-gels, designed specifically for children. These cosmetic products do not consist of aggressive ingredients and help to preserve the protective function of the skin. Remember that hard soap contains alkaline components contributing to the destruction of the lipid mantle. In addition, the kids don't end up developed blink reflex, so it is best to give preference to funds with a formula "No more tears".

If the child likes to join you to go to the sauna, then try to turn trips to the steam room in the family tradition. A simple expert advice will help make this procedure not only interesting, but also useful for the baby.

Anna L. Karavaeva, neonatologists, M. B. C. nursery Department of neonatology and Pediatrics, Federal Nciip them. V. I. Kulakov, member of expert Council of JOHNSON'S® BABY.