Halloween at school there has recently been more and more often, after all, this holiday is an excellent occasion for interesting entertainment. But even if "the General" Halloween in school is not planned, then there is nothing stopping each class to arrange their own holiday. How to celebrate Halloween in the class, tell the country of the Soviets.

Even the most senior students like to dress up in carnival costumes, treat themselves to "terrible" dishes, play "terrible" games and participate in "terrible" competitions. And because the celebration of Halloween is sure to please children of all ages. To celebrate Halloween in the classroom is suitable office, which is assigned to the class, and even the entire floor, and maybe the whole school.

You must first, of course, to prepare the decorations for Halloween. You can do it "centrally" by buying necessary ornaments in the store, but much more fun to produce hellouinskie decorations myself. You can instruct jewelry making to a group of activists in the class, and you can give all class members a "special" homework: everyone make 1 decoration.

Depending on the age of the students, you can make a Halloween menu from both ready-made meals and hand-made treats. Thus, older students can already fully cook simple salads or sandwiches, and parents can help the younger in preparations.

Prepare for Halloween at school, to be celebrated separately by class, is completed, but most importantly in the celebration of Halloween? Of course, fun entertainment. Need to find interesting competitions students with a "Halloween" twist. such as the Halloween pumpkin contest, contest of wall Newspapers on the theme of Halloween, contests, scary costumes and makeup, contest, scary stories, etc. moreover, if instead of the usual items in popular competitions to use the "Halloween" attributes, any contest can be turned into "Halloween".

Another interesting event on Halloween may be the "labyrinth of fear" in which brave souls can expect a "terrible" monsters, ghosts, skeletons, witches, goblins, frights, etc. Complicate the task and tell participants to solve different puzzles, or to perform various tasks as you progress through the maze: to find the container with key worms (as worms use jelly "worms"), to catch with the teeth an Apple from the bowl of blood (as blood is used tomato juice), etc.

Always interesting to children of any age of the game with the search for hidden objects. Well, on Halloween, you can invite students to look for the main attribute of Halloween - pumpkins. For this game you need to prepare in advance 10 sheets of white paper, 5 sheets of yellow paper and 5 sheets of orange paper. It is desirable that the paper is dense. A black marker and scissors are also required.

On sheets of paper marker to draw a pumpkin, then cut along the contours of the workpiece. You can optionally use the pre-made template out of cardboard. On each pumpkin, draw with a marker different faces. Then on the reverse side of the pumpkins you need to make inscriptions on the white pumpkins need to write the number 1, yellow 5, orange — 10. The numbers will mean points earned by the participant for each found a pumpkin.

Prepared paper pumpkins should be properly hidden, and then invited everyone to look for them. You can do it differently: choose two contestants and for a while, while hiding the pumpkins, take them out of the office. Then the participants enter the cabinet and begin to search for pumpkins, the rest of them support cheers, cries of "cold", "hot." The winner will be the participant who will have more in the amount of points found on pumpkins. A prize can be a sweet treat or a souvenir.

If the class on Halloween is quite a large area, for example, a floor, can make a real quest to find the treasure. Of course, all the tips and tasks must be "Halloween" character. The class is divided into two teams, each of which issued "the card": this card's participants pass their way, which in the end they are waiting for some kind of prize.

Halloween in school, it does not matter whether it is celebrated by the whole class or, for example, by the whole parallel, in any case, for a long time to be remembered by all students for its unique atmosphere, the opportunity to have fun from the heart. Do not miss such a great opportunity!