In the cold season, the probability of getting the flu increases significantly, and it is not insured neither adults nor children.

We often self-medicate or even transfer the disease on their feet, but their children take care always. And, of course, carefully suited to the choice of therapeutic drugs for them, choosing effective and with minimal side effects.

Thus, an effective cure for flu is time-tested rimantadine. About any of its features is to know the parents of the sick child?

Can I take Rimantadine kids?

The effectiveness of this drug in the fight against viral colds in children proven by research results. Only you need to keep in mind that to give it to a child under one year is contraindicated.

As for tablets "Rimantadine", then there is a restriction here – you can give them to children over seven years. For preschoolers produced a special form of medication is syrup.

Thanks to its special composition this product has a less aggressive action. With regard to the effectiveness of the application, it will be the same for all dosage forms "Rimantadine".

Indications for use

The main indication for "Rimantadine" for children are viral diseases, it is part of the comprehensive treatment prescribed by a doctor-pediatrician. Rimantadine kids a flu drug will ease the disease, and the child will recover quicker. Also this medicine is used as a means of prevention, which is especially important in times of outbreaks of viral diseases.

The correct technique will protect the child from infection. Thus, the risk of disease when visiting preschools or other places where children's collective, is minimized. Among the indications for the use of "Rimantadine" refers to the prevention of tick-borne encephalitis.

Rimantadine kids: instructions for use

Instructions for use of rimantadine kids is simple – the drug taken after meals, drinking plenty of water. Young children the syrup can be diluted with water. The exact dosage and mode of administration of the drug is prescribed by a doctor-pediatrician, based on the characteristics of each case – considering the child's age, weight and other factors.

We can only describe the General scheme and tell you how to take Rimantadine in a particular case. As soon as saw early signs of the disease, you need to start taking the drug.

The dosage will depend on age. Children up to three years on the first day give 2 teaspoons of syrup 3 times in the next two days – 2 teaspoons 2 times a day, and on the fourth day the same amount of syrup taken once. Children aged 3-7 years are on 3 tablespoons of the syrup three times a day for the first day, twice on second and third and one fourth.

Children older than 7 years, take 3 teaspoons of syrup four times a day, and then on a similar scheme – 2 scoops on the second and third day, and one on the fourth.

Children over 7 years old may take "Rimantadine". In this case, the dosage is as follows – children aged 7-10 years taking one tablet two times a day, at the age of 11-14 years – one tablet three times a day. Treatment in both cases is five days.

The "Rimantadine" for children are possible as a preventive measure as well the instructions. So, children under 3 years appoint 20 mg drug aged 3 to 7 years the dose is increased to 20-40 mg for children 7-10 years it will amount to 40-60 mg. the Duration of prophylactic – 7 – 10 days.