When writing to any school priority usually given to the inhabitants of nearby houses, graduates of preschool institutions, with whom a contract, and children whose brother or sister are already in this school. In a conventional school accept children after 6.5 years, and to write in school with profound studying of subjects of a child who was 7-8 years.



If you decide to enroll a child in private school, then you need to make sure that she has the right to conduct educational activities, as well as to make sure that the school was accredited and has the right to issue document of the state sample.


  • copy of birth certificate
  • health card f. 026у-2000 (issued either in kindergarten or in a local clinic)
  • statement.


  • talk to the teacher, which should become for the student a "second mother"
  • talk to parents whose children already attend the school to know their opinion about the school
  • choosing a school, pay attention to nearby – school should be near home
  • the new school building is not a sign of quality training in it
  • home child not used to the team, it is better to give to a private school where classes are small and the teacher can devote more attention to him
  • painful baby is not recommended to give to a language school and high school because the homework is too pooped out.