The problem of the XXI century – the child and the computer, or more precisely, the child and the virtual game space at his disposal. The usual dogmas discarded book education and young parents themselves who had just mastered the wisdom of perceiving the world through the screen of the monitor, had to put the interests of his unreasonable Chad to a new game world.

To play computer games kids start earlier than master the alphabet and beginning techniques of the account. If the child can reach the keyboard and see the screen on bright pictures, it will do it constantly. If he finds a logical connection between their verbal actions and changes to visual range, you, poor parents, was gone.

Your foolish child has entered a time of gaming maturity. It should be recognized that addiction to computer games in children of preschool age occurs most often as imitative form. Young parents by his own example as if to invite the child to join a "club", not being ready to determine the degree of initiation.

How to pick for child 5-8 years old computer games available to its understanding, developing basic skills and do not have negative impact on the child's psyche yet no one knows. However, there is a proven method of collective expertise, allowing concerned parents to give their brethren the necessary information about how the games lanes.

Let's start with the basics – source revenues children's play resource (IR) on your home computer. How have been able to see advanced users, there may be several.

Where to search or not to search a computer game

According to the classification known to the analyst's computer gaming market for children S. S. Kobzeva, we highlight and discuss the main four groups.

1. The easiest and most expensive way to meet children's needs in the new playing field – purchase of the licensed version of the game is unknown to you. The word "unknown" is the key here, because, like any market commodity, actively promoted by the manufacturer, bought the game could be nothing that does not interest your child.

Information about these computer traps haven't been collected, but we hope with your help to create a registry of "bad" children's books.

2. The use of pedagogical resources specialized sites. Find educational IRA for the age group your child dear parents, you can, but the guarantee of its gaming activity, no one gives. Typically, this source provides a set of stamped exercises on development of memory, attention and basic mathematical skills.

3. Download children's games with dedicated gaming sites across philhosting in normal access or a premium account. Just note that trying to free something that has a price, usually turn out more costly than option 1. In addition to the purse may be affected and your computer, gain any infection from unverified sources. Install big games, as a rule, if there is, then a big scratch. To be honest, it's a long way from big disappointments for the child.

4. Free online or download without registration. The best way for parents to test and present Chad interesting computer game. Unfortunately, this is a huge honey barrel scattered so many spoons, not always with the tar. The most attractive form of play activities of children, but, alas, only under the supervision of adults.

Those lucky people who have managed to catch in this sea of similarity "goldfish" in the form of fun, smart, devoid of aggression of the children's game please report it to the interested community of parents.

Let's say that the search for computer games were crowned with success, the child clicks on the keys with enthusiasm, the parents go about their business, but... are you sure that you have chosen for the baby virtual games glade consistent with the basic pedagogical tasks of his age group, contributes to the development of the necessary mental functions? How to evaluate the developmental potential of children's computer game, we tell in the following article.