Allergy today is conceived as something very common, many don't even consider it a disease. Reaction to citrus, wool, household chemicals, blossom and more the norm rather than pathology.

Today we will try to figure out what lies behind the word "allergy", why our children so often suffer from it, how to recognize the baby the appearance of an allergic reaction.

What is an allergy?

The Greek word allergy meant "another action". Indeed, this is another, "abnormal" reaction of our body. If you get inside a completely innocuous substance, the immune system begins to perceive it as alien, potentially dangerous, and includes protection mechanisms. They include itching, coughing, runny nose, etc. The substance - the allergen is forever remembered by the body, and every time it appears, the reaction will be hyperactive.

Why are children so prone to allergies? There are a lot of factors. Food allergic reaction in children of the first years of life can develop due to insufficient maturity of the liver and a small number of enzymes. In addition, the walls of the intestine are thinner and through them foreign substances enter the bloodstream. Overeating only worsens the overall picture.

The next factor, as a rule, it provokes a respiratory allergic reaction, is the "sterility" of the child's environment. The immune system does not receive the necessary "training" for it, there is no formation of adequate responses. Excessive desire for cleanliness is fraught with yet another problem: contacts with aggressive chemicals. And the last, but important reasons - the state of ecology and heredity. As a rule, if parents are allergic, then the child is destined for the same fate.

How to recognize an Allergy?

What is an allergy is already clear, but what causes it and how to suspect the child of signs of ailment? Allocate the following types of allergic reaction: skin manifestations, respiratory, anaphylactic shock and bronchial asthma. Consider the most innocuous and most common skin allergic reactions.

If a baby has flushed any area of the skin (urticaria), there is swelling, the skin scaly and constantly itchy, then most likely it's allergies. Remember that redness should not be accompanied by any fever, nor any disturbances of the digestive organs. In babies the rash often arise in the cheeks, on the buttocks, groin area, creases of the elbows. The cause of the disease – contact with an allergen: food, new clothes, household chemicals, cosmetics – all this should raise suspicion.

In the air, there are always various small particles: dust, animal hair, skin particles, microorganisms. They can provoke respiratory reactions. If the baby suddenly began to watery eyes, there was conjunctivitis, constantly "flowing" from the nose, but there are no other symptoms of ARI, then the body struggles with external stimuli.

Anaphylactic shock is the most dangerous of all kinds of allergic reactions. It is necessary to know exactly its symptoms and to help in time. Anaphylactic shock disrupts the function of breathing, laryngeal edema develops, heartbeat is disturbed, loss of consciousness is observed. If you do not provide assistance in time, a fatal outcome is possible. The cause of shock can be repeated entry into the body of any allergen: an insect bite, pollen, eaten product, etc.

Each mother should remember: the occurrence of any allergy, whether even an innocuous rash, requires a doctor's consultation.

As this all is actual - I am allergic, my daughter also responds to many products. So I can say that heredity is a serious thing. I experience every spring of an exacerbation - a rhinitis, tussis. The daughter reacts to cow's milk, rashes appear instantly, so you have to carefully check the composition of any food. Now with her, Zirtek is drinking, only she is in droplets. In general, the doctor says that the drug is still quite safe.

I have atopic dermatitis since birth. When I was in kindergarten I saw – was in shock, not even accepted, grandma was sitting. Son also have allergies, are constantly under the knees and the elbows brushing. Me baths with different herbs prescribed, and now my son absorbent drink, and scratching lubricated with fat cream.

We, thank God, never had food, although, maybe, this is not the worst option. Just choose the right menu, well, and exclude any harmfulness. But in the spring, when flowering begins, the son snot stream and cough. When very little was, in the spring from the house almost did not leave, now grew up, became sprays and drops to apply everyones, like anything, at least you can walk quietly.

I once saw an anaphylactic shock - horror! For 10 minutes the child swelled, even his lips "turned out" outside. The blessing the doctor nearby was. And all because of the fact that the raspberries have blossomed.

Allergies are different. For example: eyes peel off, nose flowing, or even sneezing. Maybe it's a rash, or even a fever