The success of any celebration directly depends on its organization, which begins with the elaboration and drafting of the script. In order to write a good script, in our case - the scenario of the holiday on September 1, careful preparation and a little patience is needed. Everything should be considered and thought out. Not bad if your school has a creative teacher-organizer who will help in this difficult task. In the case when there are no such "nuggets", then we can use our advice.

Always remember that your holiday should not be much prolonged in time. In the scenario of the holiday of September 1 include musical compositions, humorous skits and songs. Recently it became fashionable to launch balloons into the sky with the desires of the first graders during the day of knowledge at school this moment will help him decorate and make the celebration gently touching.

Can't go wrong if you are attracted to first graders. The celebration of the 1 September, where in the script the main roles are given to young children is sure to bring heartwarming smiles on the faces of parents and all guests of the official line. Always in the program include humorous skits, and don't forget about the tradition where alumni speak words of encouragement to first-graders.

But remember that dry prose can make guests sad. Let the children learn some beautiful greeting poems. You will not lose it if, preparing for September 1, include in the scenario of fairy-tale characters. These heroes must be in bright and unusual costumes. Most importantly, all the blocks from which the scenario of the event will be built should be logical.

Always should warn officials who plan to speak at the festival, that their speech should not last longer than 3-5 minutes. If this is not taken into account, the guests and the children themselves will be tired by excessive officialdom. And yet, be sure to remember your parents. They also need to give the floor. Include in the script a short speech by the parent from each first class.

Although preparing the scenario for Knowledge Day is not an easy task, if you take into account all our advice, you will definitely have to make sure that this holiday will remain in the memory for all guests and students for a long time.