In this article, we appeal to those adults who have not yet bought themselves and their children permits for ski resorts or to overseas countries for all the days following New Year.

We sincerely rejoice for those who have made or are about to do the foreign step, to the fact that there are more such people in Russia, but someone needs to stay, someone must look after the country during the winter holidays.

Those parents who still remember their own childhood, and do not try to satisfy their ambitions at the expense of the child, dragging it through the airports, hotels and unfamiliar streets of foreign cities, we just try to recall the simple desires that arose at the end of the year. Relive your own dreams, make a small correction to the changed realities of our life and give your children what you yourself did not have during the long New Year holidays.

If you briefly disconnect from everyday problems and on New Year's Eve remember your fabulous expectations from the upcoming "endless" winter holidays, then most likely the associative series will be almost the same for all people of the same generation. So, all the gifts have already been handed over and received, the worst consequences of the feast have been overcome, the euphoria of the holiday has rolled to zero. It's time to remember the children, for which the trees were bought, fireworks and Bengal lights. They have to do something with them, because they have vacations.

Dad, mom, I – happy family

Each child wants his joy to be shared with him by his closest people - father and mother. Let adults understand the past year is not the most pleasant memories, and age is rapidly approaching the next critical level, be kind, consistent with the children's ideas about the New Year holidays.

For children, the New Year is not a movement of life into the past, but a new step in the future, and they sincerely believe that parents should fully note this event with significant actions. Laziness, I do not want, all the forces left for the New Year's feast and its continuation, but it is necessary. It is necessary, because your own subconscious must actively respond to the simplest child's calls.

1. To go to the next slide, into the far ravine, harness your car and go to the country slopes to with a healthy glow and unhealthy shortness of breath twenty times to ride with your child on a sled, ledyankah, just on the priest from the slopes of the gully. For those who survive, the feeling is incomparable.

2. Recall that once you were a class champion in skis, find these skis and the whole family to rush into snow-covered forests. Far away you will not leave, but your child, if he does not become proud of you, will certainly remember this walk for life.

3. Go out to the skating rink, filled with enthusiasts in your yard, let your son or daughter see how cleverly you can fall on the ice, and learn at least something useful. If you are lucky, the child himself can be much more capable and skating he likes.

4. To make a cultural expedition to the New Year's Christmas tree show, to the circus, to the children's show of skaters or a performance. True, modern children do not respond well to such appeals, so you can just look at what you did not have time to see in your childhood.

5. Picnics in the snow-covered forest, hunting, winter fishing, walrus - this is for the most advanced and extreme families. If a child has been accustomed to such entertainments since childhood, why should he not be so used to depriving him of such happiness? He may be drawn into it. A grandiose program of active winter recreation, but it only works out less and less often.

Leave the kid alone

It's a shame when so carefully crafted script winter break destroys the one for whom it was written. You are in a rush unspent parenthood, draw the drawings, building snow fortresses, and develop the tactics of the game in the snow, and my child says to you, "Well, you are again picking on me!".

What do you want? Your child three months was carrying from his work in the house of the three and five, and now, when the state granted him a well-deserved vacation, he must break his legs on the rink, look at the fish in the aquarium and accompany you to the cinema for films that have long been posted on the net. A situation that suits everyone.

The overworked schoolboy tightly occupies the TV and computer, parents do the same, only in another room or in the kitchen. Skiing dust on the balcony, skating caps finish the moth, and the snow outside the window will not go anywhere. After all, at any time, you can throw to the mercy of the fate of Russian biathlonists and show them, and with them and their dvoychnik, how to properly walk on the ski track. Another question: why and who needs it.

We do not have ready answers, but we recommend you dig into your childhood memories, and without blaming your parents for anything, try to understand what part of the expected child happiness you missed in your winter holidays, and what else you can give back to your children. The New Year is just around the corner, but all parents still have time to think about how it will begin for our small alien neighbors, the inhabitants of the new millennium.