How to keep a land turtle in the home and how to care for it? About the basics of proper care of land turtles will tell the country of the Soviets.

Many, deciding to have a land tortoise, consider it a very profitable and "convenient" pet. And what? She eats little, lives in a cardboard box. However, in order to make the turtle's stay in your house truly comfortable and safe, you need to provide it with a certain space.

Usually terrigenous terrariums (of any kind) are used for keeping a land tortoise. The size of the terrarium is calculated on the basis of the size of the turtle itself. For two individuals measuring up to 15-20 cm, a terrarium with an area of ​​at least 0.5 m 2 is required. And for 20-30 cm - at least one meter. The terrarium should be wider than the largest turtle in it, at least 2-3 times - so that the animal can move freely.

In the terrarium must be a layer of soil thickness of 3-10 cm is best for this purpose is suitable for small pebbles without sharp edges. Also, a land turtle needs shelter, which can serve as an inverted box, for example. In the box there must be an opening for entry of such dimensions that the largest turtle of the terrarium can freely pass through it.

The temperature regime in the terrarium should be maintained the same as in the habitual habitat of the turtle species you have chosen. On average, this is 20-35 ° C.

Land turtles love water, and those species that live in nature in tropical rainforests are also very fond of lying in the water for a long time. Therefore, the terrarium should be equipped with a water bowl and a bathing tray. It is best to dump these devices a little into the ground, and also to provide the turtle with a convenient exit from the pallet, if it is deep.

Water for bathing the turtle should be room temperature, always stand-by. Approximately once a week the turtle needs to be washed. To do this, pour a little water (30 ° C) into the tub or basin to cover the tortoise with only a third. Gently wipe the tortoise with soap and water, carefully making sure that soapy water does not hit the animal's eyes. After bathing, wipe the turtle with a towel and, if desired, oil the shell with olive oil - to strengthen.

Clean the terrarium once a month, and also every week change the water in the water bowl and partially - the soil. Monthly, you should change the bedding and wash the walls of the terrarium with soap. You can also treat the terrarium with a special disinfectant.

Tortoises are animal herbivores, so the main food for them are vegetables and fruits, stems and leaves of plants. Do not give the turtle spoiled food. If the food is hard, rub it on a grater or grind it with a knife. Once a week, add a little ground beef to the turtle's food. Also in the diet can be added in small portions of mineral dressing, sea kale.

For turtles it is very important to get enough ultraviolet, so in the summer the turtle can and should be strolled in the sun, but watch its safety, because the animal can easily get under the car. If possible, you can make for your land turtle a special paddock in the fresh air. In winter, always irradiate the tortoise with a special ultraviolet lamp.

The other day I made a turtle, I don't know her gender and age, tell me how it is possible to learn in addition to the vet?

It is impossible to accurately determine the age of a turtle that was not grown from birth, but approximately it can be defined as follows:
1. The size of turtles (carapace length)
2. The number of rings on the shell: for the year 2-3 rings are formed. But we must take into account that both the size and number of rings depend on the conditions of keeping the turtle, and also whether it has run into hibernation. Rings appear when the tortoise is not even a year old.

With regard to sex - finally determine the sex can only be when the tortoise turns 6-10 years old. In males, the tail is much thicker and longer than in females, the cloaca has the form of a longitudinal band. The tail is often bent under the armor because of its length, whereas in the female itself it simply sticks out. Also, the shell over the tail bends to the ground. The females have a small short tail, and the cloak is shaped like an asterisk.

i know only that the girl's tail is small and the boy has more

Not long ago we left and left the turtle familiar. And when the tortoise arrived it behaved differently. Previously, she could not lie in one place and now on the contrary she eats and just lies in one place! She did not accidentally get sick? Or is she getting ready for hibernation?

Our turtle, the hind leg is swollen, it does not bend it when it crawls and does not enter into the shell, it seems that it has a fracture. Is it possible to cure it somehow at home?

I quote Nadezhda Phil.

Our turtle, the hind leg is swollen, it does not bend it when it crawls and does not enter into the shell, it seems that it has a fracture. Is it possible to cure it somehow at home?

It is better to take the turtle to the veterinarian, he will do an x-ray and determine if it really has a fracture, is not burdened with an infection, and will prescribe a treatment.

i have a turtle 6 months, I bought it not long ago, and for all the time she did not eat anything, she would scream in the corner and sleep. tell me please what to do ?? thanks ..

My Manyune will be 5 years old. We want offspring. A friend is. How old do you need to pair? What are the conditions for this? Prompt. It is very necessary to know.)))

four years ago I found a tortoise. I came home to live on the floor, I just eat cabbage on the floor, odorants, nettles at the smell distinguishes them, runs as fast as they can to eat. I like to bathe very much, but when I put soot in the box, I try to get out, even turn over, . But when I come home she knows me by steps and meets, I just trudge from her.

I was given a turtle a couple of days ago, I read that it can be made from plants. On several sites it was written that you can give geranium homemade, well, I gave her a small leaf, and as it turned out this forbidden plant. Will not there be any complications after that? Or it is better to reduce to the veterinarian? She just after that began to sneeze (I do not even know what to do.Tell me please.

i when bought a turtle the seller has told or said that instead of pool at them it is possible to replace one swimming twenty minutes in a bathroom, it is possible so to do or not?