Holiday is always nice, the fun, the treats and the mountain of gifts, smiles of friends and laughter. Unfortunately, few people think that a holiday for children requires special training, therefore, most of the kids at the party are bored or aimlessly run around the house.


There is always a reason



Do not have to go far: tent, put in a nearby Park, sandwiches and terrible stories will long be remembered. Carefully choose the day and keep in mind various factors. Best of all, if the evening will take place on Friday or Saturday. Find out in advance whether to bring the kids, and who then take. For toddlers up to 3 years, the holiday is best done in the morning.

Select the format


For example, the 6-7 year old girls will love the birthday club "Monster high", and boys of the same age would be thrilled to try on the pirate costume and will look for the treasures of the lost island. Based on the theme, come up with entertainment. The task is not easy.


The design of the house


The table