Holiday is always nice, the fun, the treats and the mountain of gifts, smiles of friends and laughter. Unfortunately, few people think that a holiday for children requires special training, therefore, most of the kids at the party are bored or aimlessly run around the house.

This "fun" ends with tears, broken vases and broken toys, a spoiled mood. Let's create a real fairy tale for your child, let's make him remember his home entertainment all his life. We only need a sea of ​​imagination and a little patience.

There is always a reason

Let's start with what we celebrate. Most often, a party for children is arranged on the occasion of a birthday, although a different date can also be noted. For example, why not spend a New Year's party at home or roll a fun on the occasion of Halloween. Try to please your child and collect his friends without any special reason.

American films brought fashion to pajama parties, it's a great opportunity to collect girlfriends, to cook together something delicious, watch a movie and gossip. So that the boys do not feel deprived, they can be put on the march.

Do not have to go far: tent, put in a nearby Park, sandwiches and terrible stories will long be remembered. Carefully choose the day and keep in mind various factors. Best of all, if the evening will take place on Friday or Saturday. Find out in advance whether to bring the kids, and who then take. For toddlers up to 3 years, the holiday is best done in the morning.

Select the format

Remember that children will not sit at the table and orderly drink tea with a cake. They should be interested, so it is worth considering the form of the celebration. Theme party will do. The topic should be close and understandable to every guest, and also to correspond to the age group. Favorite cartoons, movies or toys can awaken your imagination.

For example, the 6-7 year old girls will love the birthday club "Monster high", and boys of the same age would be thrilled to try on the pirate costume and will look for the treasures of the lost island. Based on the theme, come up with entertainment. The task is not easy.

First, all guests must be involved; secondly, immediately it is necessary to allocate space for games and contests, to clear away all valuable and beating objects far away, and also to maximally secure space; Mobile entertainment must necessarily alternate with more relaxed, otherwise the guys will break out of power or lose interest; Well, the last, if you expect many guests, then for entertainment you will need an assistant, otherwise the holiday threatens to end in vanity and confusion. Separately it is necessary to tell about holidays for kids from 1 to 3. Such children are not capable to participate in games and relay races themselves. Offer them a staged fairy tale, during which they can move to familiar music, draw, sing a song.

The design of the house

Create a festive mood bright and colorfully decorated house. Balls, garlands, colorful dishes are indispensable attributes of a children's holiday. When decorating a room, do not forget about the style of the evening: pirates should get a real "Black Pearl", fans of Harry Potter to be in Hogwarts, and fairy lovers to meet characters from the cartoon of Winx. By the way, do not forget about colorful invitations.

The table

When the guys get bored of frolic, they need to be seated at the festive table. In advance, ask your parents if any of the children have an allergy, what foods they eat, and which foods should not be served. The cake is loved by all, the brighter and more colorful it will be, the stronger it will be to try. Do not cook too much and "push" it all into the guests, the main thing is to have a lot of different drinks, because after active games for children they will need. Dare and create, enjoy the preparation, then everything will turn out perfectly, and your little guests will be delighted.