If you are thinking how to spend autumn vacation fun and at the same time, this article is for you. Simple tips every day, you will be able to make the week a continuous holiday for you and your child.

School years are the happiest and carefree time in a person's life, the last final stage of childhood. For children, the happiest time in school is a vacation. After all, studying is also a serious work and the child is waiting for his vacations, as well as a student of the end of the session, and the adult starts to leave. Autumn holidays, though considered the shortest, do not become less welcome. That's just to hold them in front of a TV or computer will not be the best option. We offer you and your children a choice of several ways how to have a fun autumn vacation.

Tour of Europe

If the financial possibilities permit, then the autumn holidays are perfect for making a trip along Europe with the child. And if for a trip to the sea or in the warm countries of the week the vacation will be too little, then visiting the nearby countries is enough time. Very informative and interesting will be train-trips to the Czech Republic, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Poland. But such trips are more suitable for middle-aged students, for first-graders this is too tiring, unless of course the program does not appear Disneyland.

The trip to the village

If the child lives in a large and busy city, very useful for him to be going out of town, for example, in village to the grandfather and grandmother. Modern children may have a negative attitude to this kind of recreation. Therefore, think in advance of an entertainment program for the week, be sure to include Hiking in the woods for mushrooms, berries and herbs, fishing, feeding birds. Also, sending a child to the village, it is not necessary to deprive him of his habitual pleasures. Forbid not to take along a favorite toy, phone, player, sweets, magazines and other small pleasures.

Visits to cultural and entertainment events

If during the holidays you decide to stay with your child in your hometown, be sure to attend cultural and entertainment events: performances, exhibitions, holidays, excursions. It will be great to organize a family trip to a cinema, a circus or an amusement park, if for the latter, of course, there will be suitable weather.

Creative arts

Take your children creativity: drawing, picking the designer, embroidery, clay molding. In addition, the autumn holidays are ideal for crafts from natural materials. Go with your child for a walk in the woods or at the Park, and collected a sufficient number of leaves, sticks, cones and acorns, you can start making applications.

Meeting with friends

For the period of autumn holidays, almost all children remain in the city, so it's time to organize a joint holiday. If circumstances allow, let the child invite his friends to visit him for a whole day, prepare a festive dinner, come up with a small entertainment program, give the children some freedom and your child will thank you so much. For older children and teens it will be more interesting to spend time with their friends, away from their parents' home. Going to the movies, cafes, a park or visiting a city holiday is great.

Books will help to spend the autumn vacation not only interesting, but also very informative. Tell the child about your favorite books, ask about what he likes to read. Visit the city library and the largest bookstores, replenish the home library. If there is a possibility, go to a book exhibition, a presentation of a new book or visit a literary cafe. Love to read should be planted from childhood.

Listen to these tips, and the question of how to spend an autumn vacation is fun and interesting, will no longer be a problem for you.