Most future parents are interested in knowing which baby they are so eagerly waiting for. The most reliable answer to this question can be obtained after performing an ultrasound study before the 20th week of pregnancy. But what if before this time is still very far, but curiosity does not give rest? Our article will tell you about the methods of determining the sex of a child without ultrasound. It should be noted that the effectiveness and reliability of most of them has not been proven, many of these methods can be attributed to folk, but for the sake of interest, you can try to take advantage of some of them.

The determining the sex of the baby on the shape of the abdomen

In the people there is an opinion that if the future mother is waiting for her daughter, then her tummy is slightly higher than that of a woman waiting for her son.

The form can also tell you who will be born. It is believed that the "sharp" belly with a pronounced waist is inherent in those who are bearing a boy. Looking at such a woman from the back it is impossible to understand that she is pregnant. Those who gave nature to the girl, the belly will be rounder, and the waist from the back will not be drawn.

How to find the answer on the chest

It is said that a noticeable breast enlargement in the first weeks of pregnancy is indicative of the male field of the baby. In addition to the size of the mammary glands, pay attention to the nipples. At mum, the ghosts of a halo change their color quickly enough from light to darker.

Taste preferences and toxicity

There is a popular sign that if a woman from the very first days is tormented by a strong, exhausting nausea and vomiting in the morning, it is most likely a child in her womb.

Back in the old days, they talked that the tastes of a future mother can determine who she is carrying under her heart. The one who expects her son, pulls on salty, sour, meat and fish. Well, if a woman prepares to give birth to a daughter, she will not give up fruit, cottage cheese, sweets, cakes and other sweet desserts.

The use of the Chinese calendar

This method was invented in the ancient Celestial Empire more than 700 years ago and is still used not only in China, but also in many other countries. This calendar is a special table, in which, on the one hand, the age indicators are marked, and on the other - the calendar months. Use this method is very simple. To your age at the moment of conception, add 1 and find the given mark in the calendar. Remember, in what month the ovum was fertilized. At the intersection of the row and column, the gender of the unborn child will be indicated.

The determination of the blood parents

This method involves carrying out some calculations. It is known that a person's blood is updated periodically. In men, this occurs every four years, women have every three. In the course of certain observations, it was revealed that the child would be of the same sex with the parent whose blood at the beginning of pregnancy was younger. It is easy to calculate. Age of mother is divided by 3, the age of Pope – 4. Whose result is less that blood and is considered more youthful.

The establishment of the sex by fetal heartbeat

This method, like all the others, does not give an absolute guarantee of the correct result, but it is still fairly reliable. You can count the pulse of the fetus in several ways: at a very short time, it's easiest to do it during the ultrasound, where every heart beat is reflected on the screen, well, in the later weeks, the doctor can hear the beating while listening to the stomach with a special tube. In the event that a woman carries a boy, the number of heartbeats per minute will be less than 140 beats. The girl, accordingly, will have more than 140 reductions.