Who will be the long-awaited crumb - a question that begins to worry almost all parents long before her birth. Someone wants to give birth to an heir, and someone really wants to play in little princesses with a daughter. At the same time, future parents do not want to depend on the case and try to predict the sex before the moment of pregnancy. But there are also such married couples whom the question of how to determine the gender of the unborn child begins to worry after conception of the baby. In this case, you can undergo an ultrasound examination, but this will require waiting, running around the doctors. But in fact so it would be desirable to find out this question faster.

Popular methods of determining the sex of a child

The first who set the goal of calculating the sex of the child became the healers of Ancient China who studied similar techniques for many millennia. However, a lot of time has passed since then and the observant dads and mothers have invented many more techniques that allow predicting the result. Let's consider the most effective of them.

The theory of blood renovation

According to this calculation method, simple calculations are necessary. The scientists found that the male blood is being refreshed 1 time every 4 years, while the female is being renewed 3 years later. To calculate the sex of your child, you need to divide the age of the future father at the moment of conception by a factor of 4, and the mother by 3. You will divide the results by 2. For the rest, if the father has more, prepare for the appearance of the son, otherwise wait daughter.

The determining the sex of the child at the time of ovulation

The most effective technique, how to determine the sex of a child is considered the calculation of the term of ovulation of a woman. Scientists have determined that spermatozoa with Y-chromosome are much more active than those that have an X-chromosome. Accordingly, they reach the ovule much faster and give a greater chance of conceiving a son. However, there is a second observation: such spermatozoa become more vulnerable in the acidic environment of the vagina, so they quickly die. The calculation is as follows: the closer the day of ovulation becomes, the greater the alkaline coefficient in the female discharge, and, correspondingly, the higher the probability of fertilization with the Y-spermatozoon. According to statistics, a greater percentage of the conception of boys is observed on the day of ovulation, and girls - with sexual intercourse for 4-6 days after ovulation or 2-4 days before it occurs.

The technique of calculation in the French diet

This technique is suitable for those who wish to determine the sex of the future crumbs before pregnancy. Experienced French observers are convinced that this question is entirely dependent on the power women during menstruation, occurring on the eve of conception. In other words, 2 months before the scheduled date of conception, the expectant mother must adhere to a certain diet.

If your goal is to give birth to a son, then you need to adjust the diet so that it contains potatoes, bananas, oranges, meat, mushrooms and dates. In this case, the food should be salty. However, you need to completely abandon nuts, dairy products, green salad and legumes.

If you want to give birth to a daughter, then focus on beets, potatoes, dairy products, plums, natural fruits, eggplants. According to statistics, the result is accurate by 80%.