Beginning aquarists especially worried about the proper feeding of their Pets. What food to give the fish? How much food you need to pour in one meal? Need fish additional supplements or vitamins? To help aquarists-beginners tips on how to choose the right diet for your fish.

First of all, it is necessary to study how fish feed in the natural habitat. For example, fish that are used to collecting food on the bottom, will not eat food that floats near the surface of the water. Some species of fish need additional plant food. Therefore, choosing a diet for your fish, you need to focus on their natural "preferences".

The food for aquarium fish should be varied. Even if the fish feed on ready-made food, which, as a rule, already contains all the necessary substances, it is still necessary to change it from time to time. In the diet of fish must be a live food.

If you feed the fish monotonous food that contains few vitamins, it will cause them to have beriberi, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, weakening of the immune system.

The size of fish food is also important. It is important that particles of food were not too small and not too large. After all, food should be easy to digest, but at the same time, the fish should make some effort in order to eat.

Seasonal or age factors also affect the choice of diet for aquarium fish. So, for example, that fish begin to spawn, it is necessary to feed them abundantly, with live food. Fry and sick fish are also desirable live food.

Thus, when choosing a diet for aquarium fish and the mode of feeding them, several rules should be remembered:

  • fish is not to overfeed
  • feed the fish preferably always at the same time, pouring the feed in a certain place
  • the fishes need to feed a variety of food, including live
  • the diet of fishes must consider their natural features.