Some proven ways to do the calculation


The first way


The second way


The third way

To more accurately determine the sex of a child on the date of ovulation. This method has some scientific basis. Proven that gender is determined at the moment of conception, depending on which sperm fertilized the egg.



The fourth way



Folk omens


  1. If a late-term pregnancy in women is visible waistline (when viewed from behind), it's a boy.
  2. The boys behave much more active in the womb, so if your child is constantly pushed, he most likely male.
  3. Girls "take beauty" from their mothers. Woman, pregnant daughter, can be very pournami in this period, will appear acne, stretch marks or severe swelling of the face.
  4. For pregnant addiction to products is also possible to determine the sex. Strongly drawn to sweet – a girl, always want meat – boy.
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  6. Short intervals between pregnancies promise to heterosexual kids.