When planning the birth of a child, or just just getting pregnant, many women want to know what sex it will be. The ultrasound can show this only after a few months, but there are other means that will help determine the sex of the child. For this, parents' birthdays, their blood groups and Rh factors and some folk signs are used. In this article, we will give several options for how to know the sex of a future child immediately after conception, or even before it.

Some proven ways to do the calculation

There are scientific methods by which the day of ovulation and, accordingly, the sex of the fetus are calculated. But it is far from always possible to calculate these days with accuracy.

The first way

The Chinese even 700 years ago came up with a special table, which with the help of the mother's age and the month of conception allows you to simply determine the sex of the baby. In the vertical column you will see the age of the mother, and in the horizontal column - the month of the alleged conception. At the intersection of these two lines, the alleged sex is written.

The second way

There are suggestions that the sex can be recognized by the blood group and the Rh factor of the parents. Below are two tables, so this can be determined. For some, this method proved to be correct, while others received the wrong answer. In any case, try it, because it does not bring absolutely no harm.

The third way

To more accurately determine the sex of a child on the date of ovulation. This method has some scientific basis. Proven that gender is determined at the moment of conception, depending on which sperm fertilized the egg.

In fact, the egg is not its carrier, this function is performed by spermatozoa. Carriers of the X chromosome will give you a girl, and HU - a boy. To give birth to a boy, you need to accurately determine the date of release of the egg into the uterine tube (ovulation). This day comes about in the middle of the menstrual cycle. There are special tests that are based on measuring the temperature of the vagina, by which to determine the date of ovulation is simple enough.

Conception to ovulation suggests the future birth of a boy, since male sperm cells are faster, and can reach the egg in a short time. But they are less tenacious, which is why conception should take place exactly on the day of ovulation.

The fourth way

You can calculate the sex of the child by the date of birth of the parents. There are many services on the websites that will help you in this. It is enough to enter the dates of the birth of the father and mother (day, month and year), as well as the date of the alleged conception. The system will give you the result in a few seconds.

But there are other calculation tables based only on the months of birth of future fathers and mothers. Vertically, the months of the birth of the mother are located, and horizontally, the father. At their intersection is a secret number. In the second table, at the intersection of the secret number and the month of conception, it is noted what gender your child will be. Muzzles with blue pacifier - boys, and with pink - girls.

Folk omens

Our ancestors independently determined the sex of the future child by the appearance of the mother or her stomach. Surely, many of them are known to you.

  1. If a late-term pregnancy in women is visible waistline (when viewed from behind), it's a boy.
  2. The boys behave much more active in the womb, so if your child is constantly pushed, he most likely male.
  3. Girls "take beauty" from their mothers. Woman, pregnant daughter, can be very pournami in this period, will appear acne, stretch marks or severe swelling of the face.
  4. For pregnant addiction to products is also possible to determine the sex. Strongly drawn to sweet – a girl, always want meat – boy.
  5. The older a woman, the higher the probability of a girl's birth.
  6. Short intervals between pregnancies promise to heterosexual kids.

But, no matter what signs and methods of definition we did not give, the main thing is that the child be born healthy and rejoice parents. Of course, there are drug detection methods for sex, but they are quite expensive, and in some cases can even harm the baby. Therefore, wait for birth and rejoice in a new member of the family.