The health of the child is the first thing that worries any caring mother. We run to the doctor at the first signs of a cold, coughing, or seeing a suspicious rash. At night, we do not sleep if the baby's fever has risen, his tummy has fallen ill or has laid a spout. There are many reasons that make a great worry for the well-being of your beloved child.

But what if the overall health of the child is normal, and the voice says absolutely the opposite? How to treat hoarseness and hoarseness of voice in childhood? What causes and diseases are the cause of this? We will try to answer all these questions in this article.

What diseases are the most common cause of hoarseness in children

The most common cause of a settled voice is a slight allergic swelling of the nasopharynx, some inflammatory processes in the larynx, adenoids, or the oral cavity. Often this problem is accompanied by a general increase in temperature and a touch on the tongue and tonsils.

In addition, you need to know that some medications are also capable of causing irritation of the vocal cords, which in turn will lead to a hoarse voice. These can be alcohol-containing cough syrups, drug suspensions, herbal tinctures, and the like.

How to treat hoarseness of the baby?

Before proceeding to treatment a hoarse voice is your child, you should show it to the audiologist for specific identification of the cause of this problem. In the case of serious disabilities or diseases, your doctor may prescribe hospital treatment with antibiotics. The fact that the system is "throat-nose-ears" is one, and if you start the inflammation in one Department, it can spread to others and cause complications.

If the doctor has not revealed anything serious, then it makes sense to give the child a special bouncing cocktail. They are made mainly of milk and butter with the addition of honey or propolis. Prepare these cocktails as follows: in the hot milk (250 ml), add 1 tablespoon of cream or olive oil, then put into this mixture 1 tablespoon of honey or a pinch of propolis. After the addition of honey, the composition should be well stirred and dissolved lumps, only after that the cocktail can be given to the child. Such mixtures are recommended to drink daily for two weeks.

Very useful in this case are special warming dressings with sea salt. All you need is to sew a small bag, put salt in there, and warm it up every day in a pan until it's hot, then use a bandage or scarf to fix on the baby's neck. To go with this bandage it is necessary before its complete cooling.

In addition, it will be useful every night before bed to wipe the child's tonsils and base of the tongue fish oil. The fact that the fat is not only able to restore damaged ligaments, but also to eliminate the slight inflammation of the throat and oral cavity.

If these methods did not give the proper effect, then it makes sense again to see a doctor for a more detailed examination. Do not self-medicate, because it can lead to undesirable consequences and complications, entrust this problem to a specialist.

As you have already understood, the treatment of hoarseness in a child's voice is not a joke. At the very first signs of voice disturbance, you need to go to the hospital, otherwise you risk the health of your baby. We hope that this article will become an inspiring guide to action for you and soon your child will start talking in a sonorous, mischievous voice. Good luck and be well!