The pregnancy of twins, of course, is different from that of one child, although the calendar of pregnancy for twins or twins is practically the same for weeks. Many future mothers are afraid of a serious course of pregnancy, because in the tummy grow and develop at once two small miracles. Therefore, it is worth paying a little more attention to yourself and to the crumbs.

The first signs of multiple pregnancy

It turns out that there are some signs, which can determine a multiple pregnancy. Naturally, all of them conditional, and confirm that you in the tummy a few kids, only ultrasound. But still listen to yourself and pay attention to these symptoms:

  • fatigue and fatigue. Many moms on the forums say that having twins, I just fell down from exhaustion and fell asleep on the go. Women "in an interesting position" generally need additional rest and sleep, and when children in two times more, respectively, and the load on the body increases, and time to full recovery of strength need more
  • dual stick. Another sure sign of pregnancy with twins. Making a pregnancy test strip, instead of the usual narrow, may appear bold, distinct
  • difficult toxicity. Reading the reviews about twin pregnancy, many mothers say that morning sickness and vomiting during pregnancy twins felt more acutely and severely than in normal pregnancy
  • heredity. Clearly, if you have a family, especially on my mother's side there are twins, you have all the chances of having twins.

Features of pregnancy

Usually, the ovaries in women function differently. Therefore, sometimes ovulation can occur simultaneously in both ovaries. With this conception, twins are born, more often heterosexual children. If a fertilized egg is divided, twins are born, children with the same genetic code and a very similar appearance. But, no matter how the conception has occurred, during pregnancy twins should beware of some problems:

  • incorrect fetal presentation. Naturally, the two kids in the womb. Therefore increase the risk of pelvic or transverse presentation of one and even both babies
  • late toxicosis. With twins, women are more prone to toxemia in the last trimester. But it all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism
  • anemia. Most likely, the doctor from the first weeks will prescribe additional vitamin complexes that help to cope with low levels of hemoglobin, a lack of iron and other troubles
  • unequal development. One fetus may develop normally, but the other may lag in development. Don't be afraid. This possible trouble, do not occur often, but still discuss all possible options with your doctor so that your crumbs are born strong and healthy.

Useful tips

Keep in mind that in most cases twins are born ahead of time. So be prepared for everything in advance. Since babies usually weigh less, respectively, the likelihood of ruptures and prolonged recovery after childbirth is reduced. But the burden on the mother after giving birth will be enormous. Do not hesitate to ask for help from your husband, moms and grandmothers. Set up yourself and your loved ones for the fact that at first you will need to adjust to the regime of sleep, feeding and rest of children. When the schedule is settled, it will be much easier. Do not be afraid of your "double" interesting situation. After all, even a dream in which a twin pregnancy is dreamed promises a double profit, but to get it, one must try very hard. So you too, if you try very hard, you will get two times as much love and happiness together with two fine youngsters.