Many will agree that the person's name influences his character and destiny. All parents want their children, when they grow up, to be happy, successful and kind people. Therefore, the issue of choice must be approached very responsibly. Take into account not only your personal opinion, but also how comfortable the baby will be among his peers. Of course, choosing the most suitable option is not easy. In this article, we will discuss some useful tips that will help you in this situation.

In ancient times, the children were called fathers during baptism. They chose the name of the saint, whose day was the closest to the birthday of the baby. It was believed that this saint would protect, protect the person throughout his life. By the way, today some religious families also use the church calendar, naming their child. The calendar lists options for boys and girls by month.

How to choose baby names: reality of our time

Today, parents before choosing a name for a child. check how harmonious it sounds with the surname and patronymic. It is important that the sound was easy, the language did not break. This happens when there are many consonants or vowels in the name and patronymic at the same time.

The choice of a name is influenced by its modernity and fashion. In each period of time there is a fashion for some variants, and for others it passes. Today, no one will call his daughter Praskovia, Khavronya. Because this is the way of the old times. Now thinking about what name to give the girl. parents will ask how it is modern. When the child grows, the fashion can already pass. Therefore, it is better to call the child such an option, which will remain popular in many years. For example, it could be Alexander, Alexei, Ekaterina, Elena.

One of the important advice – do not call the baby in honor of the dead and dead relatives. The name may carry negative energy and affect the future life, the destiny of man. Also not recommended to name a child after the father or mother. The boys, named in honor of his father, often unbalanced, and girls hard contact with his mother.

The influence of time for

Before you choose a name for your child, think how kindly you will call it in the family while it is small. For example, for a boy it can sound like this - Andrew, Aleshenka, etc. It will be more difficult with such options as Zakhar, Gleb.

The nature and temperament of a person depends on how hard or soft the sound of a word is. Very independent and confident people with solid names - Daria, Jeanne, Dmitry, Igor. More flexible and kind representatives - Vera, Svetlana, Alexey, Ilya. Alexander, Andrew, Olga, Anna - very wise and balanced.

Depending on what time of year the child was born, respectively called the kid. Winter representatives give the names soft that mute their stubbornness, strong will and soften the natural harshness. Summer kiddies, on the contrary, give a firm that will complement their kindness and a strong emotional nature and courage.

Today, children are often called foreigners. Some of these options are already rooted and easily perceived, but others sometimes sound ridiculous and ridiculous. Especially in combination with the patronymic and surname. Think about that, the kid did not feel uncomfortable in kindergarten and school. After all, peers can make fun of an incomprehensible word.

In the hands of parents - the fate of a small man! Therefore, approach the issue of choice very carefully and seriously. Find out the history of the appearance of the name that you liked and its meaning.