Children's cold is familiar to all parents, perhaps. The situation when a child came in the evening with a walk, and in the morning he already had a stuffy nose, happens quite often. But a common cold can be not only a consequence of hypothermia, but also a sign of other, more serious diseases.

Most Common Causes

  • hypothermia
  • a weak immune system and frequent colds
  • infection with bacteria or viruses
  • adenoids
  • Allergy to stimuli from the external environment
  • too dry air in the kid's room and the apartment

Having established the reason, it is possible to proceed safely to treatment. If the disease is chronic - without the constant consultations of a doctor you can not do. And in case of acute course, it is necessary to consult with the doctor, so as not to harm the baby's health.

However, the rules of treatment and drugs are prescribed not only looking at the symptoms and course of the disease, but also on the age of the child.

How to quickly cure a runny nose in a child up to 1 year

Particular attention should be given to the treatment of a cold in infants. First check the air condition in the nursery. Perhaps, because of the high temperatures and lack of humidity, the baby just mucus dry out.

If treatment is required, in addition to drugs for quick treatment of a cold will help the following measures.

Quick treatment of rhinitis in children 2 years of age

At once it is possible to tell, that the more senior the child, the more probability quickly to cure at it or him a rhinitis. In two years he can already show how to blow his nose and constantly cleanse the nasal passages from the mucus. This method, together with inhalations and medications, will allow you to cure a rapidly developing rhinitis in just one day.

If the child does not like blowing his nose, you can drip him with the Kalanchoe juice. This plant irritates the mucous and causes frequent sneezing, removing the mucus. In this way, you combine pleasant with useful: clear the nasal passages and entertain the child, because they are often terribly interested in sneezing many times in a row.

Be sure to moisten the mucous membrane with purified sea water or saline solution. Also, to cure a runny nose quickly, regularly bury the nose with nasal sprays or herbal drops, for example "Pinosol".

Don't force a child to eat if he doesn't want to. But don't forget to give it to constantly drink a warm liquid (juice, herbal or regular tea with honey or lemon).

It is also useful to soak your feet before going to bed and warm your baby for the night. Already in the morning you will notice signs of recovery, if not complete disappearance of the common cold. In addition, at night you can warm the baby's legs with mustard powder, pouring it into the socks. Kids do not really like mustard plasters, and this way of warming will be useful for health and comfort. I'll have to wear several pairs of socks. First - cotton, then socks with mustard, and up - warm woolen socks.

You can also warm the nasal sinuses with a warm compress or a warmer. For this procedure, salt, heated in a frying pan, or potatoes cooked in a "uniform" is suitable.

  1. In each nostril buried saline solution from the pharmacy, or decoction of chamomile (1-2 drops).
  2. Cleansing the nose of the child of mucus. To blow your nose at this age, they still do not know how, so use a medical rubber bulb to remove the mucus from the nose. In any case do not clean the nostrils with cotton sticks. So you can damage the delicate surface of the inner part of the nose.
  3. Drip spout aloe juice immediately after cleansing, just 3 drops in each nostril.
  4. Another way to cure a cold in one day are pulmonary. You can give the child steam with herbs, but you can just put in his room a bowl or a Cup of boiling water and pour in a few drops of essential oil. So not only do you give the child the opportunity to breathe in the healing vapors, but also moisten the air in the room.