Any journey with a small child involves certain difficulties. And if you need to fly on an airplane, then the parents' anxiety doubles. But this does not mean that you will have to give up rest at sea or visit relatives abroad until the baby grows up. If you take into account the main difficulties of the flight and take timely measures, the journey will not bring any trouble.

Prepare mentally

Everyone knows that even some adults are afraid of aircraft, although this type of transport is considered the safest. And what can we say about the young children who first find themselves in unfamiliar conditions, and it is completely unknown how they will transfer them. Therefore, in advance prepare the kid for a new event.

  • Be sure to tell Chad about the aircraft and details on the upcoming flight
  • Play with him in something like that, then the journey itself will be perceived by the child as fun and not a terrible ordeal
  • You need to warn the child about the checks before registering that he was not scared of the procedure and the stranger.

How to fly with young children?

To ensure that everything went well, you need to try to provide all the options for the development of events during the flight.

  1. Food. Since the size of hand Luggage is strictly limited, take only the treats your child. It can be rich baby food the simple preparation (for infants), or home boiled pasta in a special container. You can also take juices, water or milk (in bottles 100 ml) and dry biscuits. Yogurt is better not to take or to drink them first, as they can quickly deteriorate.
  2. Take several sets of Cutlery, preferably plastic. The metal fork would seize on the customs, as stabbing object.
  3. A few sets of clothes too. Nobody is immune from what little sweat, spill something, or simply get dirty.
  4. For children under one year be sure to take diapers, wipes and trash bag where you will collect all the unnecessary.
  5. Do not forget about the documents. They are best kept in a special bag on the belt to check if not to stir up the entire hand Luggage. Be sure to take passports, tickets and birth certificate. In some cases, you may need a permit to transport infants from one of the parents.
  6. With older children, you need to discuss in advance the questions that can be asked at the border. The kid will have to tell him his name, how old he is and with whom he flies.

And now about entertainment

The worst problem is not even the longest of flights for the child and for parents, it becomes boring. Order to protect your child staged a spectacular tantrum and didn't bother the other passengers, think ahead about how you will entertain the child. Anyone who has flown with young children knows how important this is.

  • Small DVD player. To use such a gadget on Board is not prohibited, but you and other passengers get a few hours peace of mind with favorite cartoons.
  • Secretly stock up on new toys. The kid should see them only in a plane, preferably one at a time. So they don't get bored too quickly. Advice from experienced parents: buy cheap (that was not a pity to lose or break) and not music. Trill baby mobile very quickly take others out of balance.
  • Books and coloring pages for kids in 2-3 years will be a great pastime for the duration of the flight.
  • If the trip includes sleep, get out of the house the toy with which the baby usually falls asleep.

It is important for parents to remember that the other passengers are not at all to blame for the fact that you are flying with a child. Therefore, and entertain your child will have you just to be loyal to others.

To travel with your child left only pleasant emotions, pick a suitable hotel in advance.