Just yesterday, your baby for the first time timidly stepped over the threshold of the kindergarten, and today he is a real graduate and a future first-grader. Farewell to the kindergarten is a very important moment in the process of socialization of the child, so the graduation party should become something like a preparatory measure for the transition to a new stage of growing up. Well, if the holiday farewell to the kindergarten will pass in a cheerful, but with this educational atmosphere, where the children will get an idea of ​​the school. This is the scenario for the graduation in the kindergarten on the topic "Farewell, kindergarten! Hello, school! "We offer to your attention.

The children's prom

To prepare the graduation for school subjects, you need to take care of the appropriate props. You will need symbolic costumes for holiday guests, a bell, improvised desks, a board. In addition, you will need to take care of comic prizes for competitions, as well as gifts for educators. By the way, gifts need not necessarily be expensive, because the main thing is that they leave in memory the children's images. For example, you can prepare a large collage with photos of the group or make souvenirs, handmade crafts.

Children's prom 2015: an idea for a festive script text prom songs

The main idea of ​​the holiday is to help children adapt to the new role of first-graders and say goodbye to the kindergarten. For this you can use small funny skits on the school subjects, as well as contests and puzzles. The final one can be held in the format of the first day at school and so introduce the new rules of behavior and the future schedule of lessons to the kids.

You can start graduation in the garden with the release of future first-graders. Children can sing a song or read poetry:

I'm being released today,

With a kindergarten, I say goodbye.

Sad looks at me

A friendly family doll,

Bear in the corner turned around,

And the giraffe slightly bent:

So sad, lonely,

I went to the toys,

They all embraced them tenderly:

I love you all, friends,

I do not say goodbye to you,

I'll come to visit,

Come on, come on, don't be sad!

After that, the first bell rings and the kids take their places in the improvised class. The presenter tells that unusual guests - school subjects - came to congratulate the graduates on the holiday. Each of them has prepared a special test for children to check whether they are really ready to go to school. In turn, the children can leave the Primer, Mathematics, Writing and other school characters. Each guest should hold a small thematic competition or make a riddle on the school topic.

Between the children's entrance the children are offered a fun, impromptu change, where the kids can dance or read poetry. At the end of the graduation you need to prepare a special dance - waltz with parents. For example, the waltz performed by dads and daughters (video) looks very nice and touching. After the dance, congratulatory words can be given to educators and parents.