Annually about 1/3 of all Russian ninth-graders choose secondary vocational training and finish school in 9th grade. Given these statistics and the fact that the entire classroom is experiencing a significant change in its composition, holding a prom in grade 9 is extremely necessary. Therefore, we offer you several ideas for conducting an interesting and original graduation in the 9th grade.

Ideas for a high school graduation celebration grade 9, 2015

Certainly, that the graduation ceremony was interesting and original, it should be thematic. A boring official concert will not be able to give graduates a sea of ​​positive emotions and remind of the amazing moments that have been held in the school. For example, the graduation party can be held in the subject of a retro-show or a "Oscar" ceremony. Schoolchildren also enjoy unusual graduation, for example, conducted on the nature in the format of the game "Orientation on the ground." No less interesting will be the evening-journey, the scenario of which we suggest to you.

Graduation grade 9: how to host the best prom "Journey to the past"

This festive scenario is such a virtual journey into the past that will allow graduates to recall the most important and touching moments from the life of the class.

After the teachers and guests greet the graduation class, the presenter should tell you that this evening is not an ordinary holiday, but a real journey into the past and all present have the opportunity to recall the best moments in 9 years. To begin with, you can invite first-graders to the stage who will personify these graduates 9 years ago. Kids can show a funny scene, and then congratulate graduates with poems or a song.

Continue traveling can be a comic quiz "Do you remember?". Its essence is to ask questions about the most fun moments in the life of the class, combining them with comic riddles and small rallies.

After the quiz, it will be appropriate to show a small film about the class. It can be a simple video with congratulations from teachers, and maybe a real detective or blockbuster shot by graduates. The script of the film depends only on your imagination. After the video, you can invite graduates to make a memorable photo and exchange wishes in the release albums. After that, one can express gratitude to the teachers and parents, because they made a lot of efforts to this memorable evening took place. You can do this by reading beautiful poems:

What a proud calling -

To give others education, -

Hearts to give

Empty quarrels to forget,

It's difficult to explain to us,

Sometimes it's very tedious

One and the same thing,

Notebooks at night check.

Thank you for what you

Always been so right.

We want to wish,

So that you do not know ill,

Health, happiness for a hundred years!

  After the words of gratitude, the presenter should announce that the journey is ending and the last stop is a graduation party with dancing. To begin it costs from a classical waltz, and to continue in a format of a disco.