Spring break in 2015


In order for this time period has not passed aimlessly, vacations in the spring is to organize – it may depend on progress in the next quarter. So try on a school spring break to monitor compliance with child mode (hours of sleep, waking up, eating, hygiene), pay attention to daily diet (sweets, fast food and carbonated beverages to reduce to a minimum). Don't forget about morning exercises for the student, walk with your child, invite him to choose some interesting books appropriate to their age.

How to spend spring break?

It often happens that parents can't spend with your child in these days of the month a sufficient amount of time (hard working environment, courses, etc.). In such a situation you can take the help of nearest relatives (e.g., grandparents), camp at school (in some schools they work in the offseason). Maybe the class teacher or the school management is able at the proper level to organize the train in the days of spring break 2015, the year in various destinations of Russia (Moscow, Saint Petersburg and many other wonderful places). This will be a great option for children's leisure, which will be a great solution for working parents. In turn, this trip will contribute to the strengthening of relationships with classmates, increase level of independence. In addition, new experiences to be gained, remembered by the student for a long time.