Unified State Examination in Russian is handed over to all graduates of schools for obtaining a certificate of secondary education. In 2015, the certification structure became two-part: in the winter the final essay is written, according to the results of which the graduate is allowed or not allowed before the exam, the main part of the test will be delivered in the spring, which will be discussed.

How is the exam in Russian

The work consists of two sections, consisting of 25 different in form and complexity of tasks. The first 24 suggest a short answer. It can be independently formulated or selected from the proposed ones. In the second section, you need to write an essay-reasoning of 150 to 350 words. More details on how to write an essay can be found in the article "How to write an essay on the Unified State Exam in Russian".

The content of the work is based on the main sections of the course "Russian language": speech (vocabulary, spelling, punctuation, phraseology, expressiveness of speech and language norms) and the development of speech (writing essays).

To perform tasks given 210 minutes. The first part is 100 minutes (on average 3-4 minutes on one question), the writing of essays, 110 minutes.

In 2015, the number of tasks and sections of the CMM, the format of some assignments, the initial score changed. In addition, now graduates will have to demonstrate the ability to work with the dictionary entry. To get acquainted with KIM and download the tasks from the Open Bank of assignments, please visit the FIPI website.

How is the exam in Russian

In the work presented 21 to set the base level (they can get 23 points), 3 – high (their "cost" is 10 points) 1 task a higher level (primary maximum 23 points).

How to solve the exam on the Russian

Before you begin to work, carefully study the formulation of the task and the design features, then follow the algorithm:

  • Don't spend too much time on tasks of group A, miss, then to come back.
  • If you do not know the correct answer - mark at random. There is a probability of hitting.
  • Part b to follow correct spelling of the answer, check written.
  • When you are writing essays follow the logic of the narrative and clarity of the composition. Use only those words and structures that you feel. Be sure to reread the text after completion.