Preparation for the USE in physics involves a comprehensive approach: the study of theory, problem solving, work with formulas and concepts. We will tell you how to properly prepare for the USE in physics.

The structure of the exam in physics

There are 32 tasks in the work, of which 9 require only the correct answer number, 15 a short answer (section 1), and 8 tasks for solving tasks 2 (3 with a short answer, 5 with a complete answer).

For part 1 allocated 32 primary maximum score for part 2 – 18.

The substantive part of the work consists of the main semantic modules of the physics course:

  • mechanics
  • molecular physics
  • electrodynamics and basics of STO
  • quantum physics

Graduates should demonstrate the following skills:

  • to understand the meaning of physical laws and principles
  • to reveal the essence of the physical laws that describe the properties of bodies, to find adequate examples
  • distinguish between hypotheses and theories, generalize the results of experiments
  • to apply theoretical knowledge in solving problems
  • use knowledge of physics in real practice

How to prepare for the exam in physics

To the result of the exam in physics you arranged to engage in regular. Allocate time that you will devote every day to the generalization of knowledge on theory and the decision of tests, make a table in which you will record your own achievements. In addition, perform the following algorithm:

  1. Carefully read the specifications and codifier. You can find them on the FIPI website. Create a list of topics.
  2. Consistently organize knowledge sections. For each module create a special folder.
  3. First and foremost, pay attention to the basic laws of physics. Don't forget to write a formula which must be learned.
  4. Create a list of basic values ​​from each section. They need to be understood.
  5. After repeating section, parasite at least 10 simple tasks on the topic.
  6. After you repeat all the formulas, begin to solve tests and tasks throughout the course.
  7. A week to do one version of the exam and at least 10-15 tasks. The materials take from the Open Bank of assignments .