How to prepare for the exam


  • Select your schools and find out their requirements.
  • Decide the exams that are going to take.
  • Make a clear plan of preparation. For each subject should you're on equal time and sessions should be regular. To avoid fatigue, plan rest.
  • Create a table where you will note your own results. Achievements are good at motivating.

To better prepare you'll need the handbooks and manuals. Remember that all the materials should be modern and authoritative. It is best to use Kimami posted on the FIPI website or the portal for the exam and the GIA .



Start training will help tutor. He will appreciate your effort and will point to gaps. When looking at specialized websites (http://www.a-perspektiva.ru/tutors/ and http://dist-tutor.info/repetitory-onlajn ).

Tips on how to prepare for the exam


  • sleep at least 8 hours
  • try to spend more time in the fresh air
  • take breaks between classes, try to do physical and breathing exercises
  • to ensure a balanced menu
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