Examination in social studies graduates choose more often than others (about 50% of all eleven-graders), because the certificate of EGE is required for admission to all specialties of socio-economic profile. Our article will tell how to prepare for the CSE in social studies.

EGE on social science 2015

Three-part work. Assignments were previously marked with the letters A, B, C. Group A suggested choosing the correct answer, group B - a short answer, C1 - C8 - expanded statement, C9 - writing a small reasoning on the given problem. 2015 brings us innovations in building tests, remove the letters. Besides:

  • in each of the semantic modules are removed one by one test question (must choose solution)
  • job search information (4, 9, 6, 12, 20) in the blocks ". Society. Knowledge. Spiritual culture", "Economics", "Politics", "Law", "Social relations" require now multiple choice
  • removed task B4 and B7, checking for certain skills
  • question 21 will now verify knowledge of the Constitution and basic human rights

In addition to the job 1, 2, 5– 7, 10, 13, 14, 17, 18, 23 will need to record only the number of correct answer. The total number of questions decreased from 37 to 36, and the allotted time increased from 210 to 235 minutes.

Download new KIMs for the preparation for CSE in social studies here.

How to pass the exam on social science

In preparation for the exam on social science, it is necessary to systematize the knowledge acquired at school. It is better to use the books and manuals that concisely and summarize the available material. Among them:

  • "The exam. Social studies: universal directory" O. V. Kosenkova training jobs N. N. Semke (M. Eksmo, 2010).
  • The practicum exam for social studies: Polittika. Law/ E. S. Korolkova
  • EGE. Social Studies. 10-11 classes. Forming the skills of writing essays. Tasks of increased complexity / SA Fomina
  • Social studies / FIPI authors-compilers: Ie Liskova, O. A. Kotova, M. Astrel, 2007
  • "Dictionary of science", Book house "University", latest edition.
  • The Constitution of the Russian Federation

When preparing for the exam, it is worthwhile to compile a card file of terms and concepts for each section and apply to it regularly.

It is quite a challenge for graduates to write an essay. When preparing, it is necessary to study the algorithm for constructing reasoning. The structure is assumed to be three-part: introduction - statement of the problem; the main part in which you need to express your opinion on the issue, bring arguments, draw analogies; the conclusion is the result of the above. About how to learn how to write a composition of the Unified State Examination in Social Studies you can read in the article "How to write an essay on the CSE in Social Studies".