When a long-awaited baby appears in the family, it is both a great joy and tangible troubles. Careful parents collect packages in the maternity home, buy diapers, ryashonki, strollers, encyclopaedias for care ... And in this vain, but, of course, pleasant mate sooner or later the question arises as to how to name the child. Today we will tell you which names for boys born in 2016 are the most popular!

Muslim baby names for boys in 2016: to be or not to be?

Modern parents are more and more eager for extraordinary elections and much more often than they did before, they inherit the Western nominal tradition. However, the year 2016 offers us a new trend: to pay close attention to authentic, characteristic for our locality names. They can be completely different: Greek, Roman or even Slavic in origin, but almost all are recorded in the so-called saints.

The tradition of choosing names according to the saints is rooted in deep-deep antiquity, and it is characteristic of many peoples united by common religious views. It is believed that a child named in the name of an angel, apostle, saint, martyr or simply an outstanding clergyman, along with the name will receive not only a fraction of the necessary virtue, but also automatically, as it were, gain invisible and, of course, very strong protection from the patron. Such children will be happy.

Even if the parents decided to call their child an unusual foreign name, in most cases they still recommend giving the child one more, a church one. This is especially true when the decision was made to perform a baptismal rite (in children or adolescents).

In order to better understand this sensitive issue, we suggest that you look at a specially formed calendar of names by month (January, April, etc.).

Apparently, the names for boys born in 2016 are not limited to a few standardized and generally accepted options. Choose beautiful classic or rare options is easy!

Muslim names for boys born in 2016: the depth of Eastern traditions

The depth of eastern traditions is really inexhaustible. The sages of all kinds of generations have always been trembling with the sacrament of appropriating the name, especially if it concerns a boy - the future warrior, defender, orthodox confessor of religion, husband, brother, father, citizen. Therefore, all sorts of variations were selected by the most that neither is in the most careful way. Look, for example, in the name of Muhammad (which means "praiseworthy") - would not this man be worthy of his land?

Another interesting fact: since the Middle Ages, not only qualified clergymen, but also astrologers, whose science was considered the craft of philosophers and wise men, were widely engaged in the case. They developed whole schemes and theories, few of which, unfortunately, survived. However, for us, it is the value of the ritual that is important, because we ourselves become attached to the culture of Islam by assimilating some elements.

Muslim names, which experts predict will be most popular in 2016, you can see in these photos.

Tatar names for boys 2016 birth

Since we have started talking about the goodness of influential cultures, it would be unfair to not point out the Tatar names gaining the deserved attention. Without further ado, just choose from the list: Ababil, Abel, Abelgazi, Abunasir, Abyzbay, Agzamkhan, Adzhebay, Adrar, Azamatullah, Aktai, Allahiyyar, Almatai, Arslan, Ahmetbary, Badghi, Badrullah, Baek, Bayramhan, Bayrash, Bahram, Bashar , Valiakhmet, Valim, Valishah, Gabdelgaffar, Gabeljalil, Gabdessattar, Gaisa, Janahmet, Janbak. Jani, Zabib, Zagidar, Zunnun, Kabanbai, Kazanbay. Kail, Kaim, Mugallim, Miyan, Mihri, Niyyaggul, Nugaybek, Nukrat, Nuraglyam, Rashat, Rizvan, Rijal, Saitmullah, Saitmuhammet, Saligaskar, Tashkay, Takhautdin, Halifaizh, Hamatgali, Khalfetdin, Hamazan, Shahbulat, Shafqatullah, Jawaray, Yazil.

We hope that our short information digest and the presented tables have shed some light on the present state of things and helped to determine which names for boys of 2016 (popular Russian, American, according to the church calendar, etc.) you think are the most suitable for your baby. Do not forget to consult with relatives and those whom you trust - the choice will become even easier!