When Your home appears little kitten, there is a lot of trouble. A tiny, defenseless creature needs Your love and care. But even little kids need as early as possible to housebreak. How to do it?

There are two options for developing a "toilet" situation. If the kitten was born from a cat that lives in your house, then the mother cat herself will perfectly cope with the role of "teacher". If the kitten has got into your house still completely unintelligent, then you will be taught to use the toilet. And here the main thing is not to make common mistakes.

The error first  "The kitten will learn everything himself." If the kitten does not immediately begin to accustom to using the tray, then later it will be even more difficult. If the baby does not show where to go to the toilet, he will choose a place for his "affairs" at his own discretion.

The second error  - "A kitten is trying to spite." Many believe that the kitten almost instinctively needs to know about toilet "wisdom", and if it shits on the floor - it's from harmfulness. In this case, the owners punish the kitten for puddles in every way, but no one shows the poor animal where it is necessary to go to the toilet. A little kitten makes for itself the only possible conclusion: do not want to be punished, do everything secretly. Hence, puddles and piles arise in the most unexpected places.

The right approach is to teach the kitten to use the toilet.  For example, the way you would do it, accustoming your child to a pot. After all, by nature, cats are very clean, they like everything around to be dry and clean, without unpleasant odors. No wonder nature itself in the cat laid the instinct - its "business" needs to be buried.

If the kitten hadn't yet learned to use the tray your mother, then You can help him. After eating the kitten needs to carry on a tray, sit down and, holding with one hand, the other stroking my belly. Typically, kittens need to go to the toilet occurs almost immediately after eating, so You don't have to wait long for results. A few days repeat the process and the kitten will learn where you need to go to the toilet.

If the kitten is already used by tray. then your task is to show him that all trays are needed for one purpose. Such a kitten will suffice several plantings to link the need to empty and the tray.

To determine does the kitten in the toilet. you can by his behavior. The kitten begins to pave on the floor, his eyes are glassy. In this case, you must drop it on the tray in time. Try not to frighten the baby. Do not shout at the kitten and do not beat him, if he still managed to "shit" - all the same you will not achieve it.

What should be a tray for a kitten? As tray can be used any appropriate size container. The height of the tray should be chosen depending on the growth of the kitten and the filler. If You pick up a tray lack of height, the litter will be scattered all over the floor. If You plan to use the tray without filler, the supply grille. The kitten is very unpleasant to stand naked feet on the wet!

The litter box filler  can be sand, pressed sawdust, cut paper, special absorbent filler. It is important to choose a filler that the kitten would like - otherwise he may not want to use it for the intended purpose.

An important role in teaching the kitten to the toilet is played by the place where the tray is located. If youput the tray in the bathroom or toilet. then do not forget that the kitten should have constant access to it. To do this, you can leave the door ajar, or make a special lazy for them in the kitty.