Today, there are many methods of teaching children. As they say, for every taste and color. And many parents have a reasonable question: how to choose the right and effective method from all this diversity?

The Japanese method Kumon is popular all over the world. Today it is attended by over 4 million children between the ages of 2 and 17 in 47 countries. About three years ago, Kumon's notebooks appeared in Russia, they published in the publishing house "Mann, Ivanov and Ferber." Their effectiveness has already been appreciated by Russian parents and teachers and, of course, by children.

Japanese notebooks are adapted to the Russian mentality: they have bright and funny illustrations, detailed tips for parents and clearly described tasks for children.

Studying with the help of Kumon, children learn basic skills (from cutting and drawing, writing and counting to complex mathematical activities, like logarithms).

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How it all began?

The prototype of the Kumon notebooks appeared in Japan in 1954. The math teacher Toru Kumon decided to help his son Takeshi in studying mathematics. The boy was not given this item, sometimes he received two.

Toru every evening gave his son a small task-on a single sheet of paper. Gradually, the tasks became more difficult. The boy did only 20 minutes a day, and soon he knew mathematics better than his classmates, and by the sixth grade he studied differential equations.

When the parents of his classmates Takeshi, learned about his success, they asked for the Torah to engage with their children. So there was the first training center Kumon. In the 70-ies of the training centres began to open around the world. The Japanese education system each year becoming more popular.

Advice from the Torah Cumana

Today, all Kumon centers work according to the principles that Toru Kumon used in teaching his son. They are very simple, but incredibly effective. Follow them, and your child will certainly achieve success in school.

Study is interesting

Children learn in the game, so training should be built precisely through the game moments. You can force the child to just write numbers (and he will be completely uninteresting), and you can invite him to do exercises "connect by points" and "color by numbers." The second is definitely more entertaining: the kid will like learning the numbers much more, and hence the effectiveness of training will be higher.

All modern Kumon notebooks are bright and playful, they have stickers, funny tasks, funny pictures, crafts-toys - everything that children like so much. The child does not study, but plays.

Step by step

The basic principle that Toru Kumon used to do with his son was step by step. Today all the Kumon notebooks are based on it. The tasks in them are complicated gradually, imperceptibly for the child. As a result, the kid learns day after day something new, until eventually he masters this or that skill in perfection.

20 minutes a day

When a child is tired, he can no longer learn. That is why it is necessary to do with the baby no more than 10-20 minutes a day. Classes on the Torah Kumona system assume the performance of only one or two tasks per day. Thanks to such training, the child learns new knowledge gradually, better memorizes what has already been learned and can quietly move on in training.

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Praise and motivation

For children to want to learn, they must be praised. Even a small success is an occasion for reward and encouragement. Experts Kumon advise to praise children at any opportunity, then they will have a desire to continue their studies. In the exercise books there are special awards for children (a certificate that can be hung on the wall).

A mistake is a step to success

Many parents are accustomed to pulling out the baby, if something does not work out for him. Kumon's methodology teaches a more correct attitude: never correct the baby, if he does not ask you, do not do the exercises for him. Remember: a mistake is a small step to success. It is through mistakes that we learn.

Learn from the covenants of Toru Kumont is not only useful and effective, but also very interesting. If you want to give your child a happy and successful future, start classes on Kumon's notebooks right now.