The sour smell of feces in the child in 1 year



In the first days of life the stool the baby has virtually no scent. The odor is a little later – around 10 th day of life, when the intestines are beginning to colonize beneficial bacteria that help in digestion of food. The smell of the diaper these days sour, however, the dangers to the body of the baby is not.

If the child has loose stools with a sour smell after antibiotics


In such situations, the moms start to panic and gallons of water child (age 1 month, 3, 6, 10, etc.) of various fermented milk products, stuffing almost violently. But raping a kid is not necessary: the modern pharmaceutical industry produces a variety of probiotics, which in a few days establish the intestines. In tablets, suspensions, flavoured sweets and berries.

Bifidobacteria populated much faster if along with them to follow a diet and to exclude fruits that cause flatulence, simple carbs and heavy protein.

Green, sour stool in a child



The lure and sour smell of the baby chair


But even if you strictly follow the diet and do not admit of excess, the stools may become green after beginning of introduction of new products. In this way the intestine responds to new products and nothing wrong with that.