Almost from the first day of a newborn's life, the contents of his diaper are an important indicator of health. On it it is possible to judge: how a small organism lives and grows and develops. Color, smell, texture, density - all these factors play a role and speak about many things.

The correct, healthy feces of the newborn should resemble a slice of yellow or yellow-green color and smell like yeast, sour cream, yogurt or curd. As a child grows up and changes his diet, the smell also changes. And with the introduction of meat, feces resemble the smell of adults, although they smell much softer and more tender.

The sour smell of feces in the child in 1 year

A specific acid odor can be a sign of intestinal dyspepsia. This disease is distinguished by diarrhea, bloating, rumbling. A newborn can be kicked, capricious for no apparent reason and refuses to eat. You can help the baby if you give any medication that reduces flatulence. And then it is better to exclude dairy products, fast carbohydrates, rich meat broths from time to time from the diet. Feed porridges on the water, give tea with crackers and tender meat purees.

Another reason for the sour smell of the stool is the problems with the digestion of milk sugar. It's no secret that milk is a part of almost all children's dishes. Often, milk is not absorbed by the child, and parents do not know about it. As a result, the small intestine rebels and "gives out" a green tint. Try to temporarily exclude milk and dairy products from food and observe the reaction of the intestines.

In the first days of life the stool the baby has virtually no scent. The odor is a little later – around 10 th day of life, when the intestines are beginning to colonize beneficial bacteria that help in digestion of food. The smell of the diaper these days sour, however, the dangers to the body of the baby is not.

If the child has loose stools with a sour smell after antibiotics

Often there is such a situation: the color and smell were normal, but changed dramatically and began to give off with acid. The smell of sour feces occurs after a course of antibiotics prescribed by a doctor, while it can be frequent, get a foamy consistency and strange color. Antibiotics, killing the infection, are detrimental to good intestinal bacteria, and as a result the intestine is unable to cope with the digestion of food.

In such situations, the moms start to panic and gallons of water child (age 1 month, 3, 6, 10, etc.) of various fermented milk products, stuffing almost violently. But raping a kid is not necessary: the modern pharmaceutical industry produces a variety of probiotics, which in a few days establish the intestines. In tablets, suspensions, flavoured sweets and berries.

Bifidobacteria populated much faster if along with them to follow a diet and to exclude fruits that cause flatulence, simple carbs and heavy protein.

Green, sour stool in a child

It happens that the smell of "curd" is replaced by an unpleasant sharp smell with notes of rot. Cal at the same time may differ from usual, already one shade should alert the attentive parents. What color is indicative of a deviation? Gray is bright green, poisonous-yellow, with impurities of undigested food and splashes of blood. In this unusual color of the bowel movements accompany vomiting, fever, the stool becomes liquid and smells of acid.

Dr. Komarovsky: green color can be a sign of the beginning of development in the body of a child of an infectious disease, for example, rotovirus infection and even pneumonia. Many people confuse the rotovirus with the usual poisoning and are treated at home. But to do this in no case it is impossible: the infection leads to dehydration of the child's body. And the danger of pneumonia, sure, do not even need to be warned. The conclusion is simple: did they see that the feces turned green and the odor sour? Address to the pediatrist!

The lure and sour smell of the baby chair

A child on breast, artificial or mixed feeding is completely dependent on the nutrition that the nursing mother adheres to. The appearance and smell of the baby serves as a reflection of the mom's menu. Gorged on salted cucumbers and sauerkraut? Do not be surprised if the baby's poop is green and smells of acid in the morning. Are you fond of cottage cheese? Excess dairy products are also able to change the color of stools to green.

But even if you strictly follow the diet and do not admit of excess, the stools may become green after beginning of introduction of new products. In this way the intestine responds to new products and nothing wrong with that.

Remember! Green color itself is not an alarm signal, especially if it was noticed by you once. The presence of infection in the body can be determined by other signs and general malaise. In some cases, it may be worth checking the white blood cells.

Health to you and your children!