Chihuahua - the smallest breed of dogs in the world. Since the time of the Toltecs and the Aztecs, this baby has not changed its weight (it weighs from 0.5 to 3 kg), nor its appearance. By courage, the chihuahu is not inferior to large dogs, and when it comes to protecting its master, it forgets about the danger, the difference in the size of the enemy and will selflessly defend you.

And now let's talk more about this baby. The chihuahua has an elongated body with a wide, stout croup. The neck of these dogs is of medium length, has a convex top line, broad, smoothly passes into the thorax. The tail of the chihuahua is planted high, maybe short and long in one of four forms: straight, saber-shaped, sickle-shaped, half-ring. The tail can be pressed to the hip or back (the so-called "squirrel" tail.)

Chihuahuas come in smooth and longhaired  Smooth-haired chihuahua wool soft to the touch, silky, with a thick collar, the tail is well pubescent. As a rule, there is an undercoat. In long-haired dogs of the Chihuahua breed, the wool is soft, straight or slightly wavy, quite long throughout the body, but not too thick.

In this breed there is no advantages of any color. The color of the eyes and lobes of the nose must match the color of the coat. In white, pink nose is allowed. The color of the eyes can also be found anywhere: from brown to amber, green and even ruby.

The Chihuahua is very loyal to his master.  They are jealous, but absolutely not vindictive. It's amazing how they understand the mood of the owner. Adore to be in the center of attention, the chihuah will never be humiliated, begging for your attention - they are very tactful, nenazoylivy and unobtrusive. If you see that the owner is busy - will patiently wait on the sidelines.

Chihuahua is an intelligent dog.  For their behavior you will not be ashamed: they are very clever, smart, calm and benevolent not only to people, but also to other animals. Friendship with dogs of large breeds and cats depends on how they react to the chihuahua. The sense of self-preservation, laid down for thousands of years in this dog, taught them to treat children with caution, but without aggression.

Chihuahua is very playful. they will never get bored with you. In their games they are very reminiscent of cats: they also run after the mouse, behind the sunny "rabbit". It's strange that such crumbs have very developed hunting and watchdog instincts. They easily catch both flies and mice, although by nature very squeamish. Chihuas are very affectionate and are able to sympathize not only with the owner, but with animals. These are very sympathetic friends, and if they see that you are ill or you are crying, they will do everything to raise your spirits. Unlike other breeds, the shivava fully adapts to the lifestyle of its master.

Of course, they need fresh air and communication with dogs, but if the owner does not have time for walking - no problem your baby "goes to the newspaper." On the one hand, the shivava is an aristocrat, loving to luxuriate on the master's pillow and feast on all sorts of delights, but if the trip is more than Spartan conditions, it will not upset her - just to be close to the landlord. Theyvery hardy  and will be happy to accompany you on long trips, and in shopping trips. One will remain unchanged - your pet will always be in the spotlight. Chihuah perfectly understand that they are the top of perfection in beauty and are very charming and often take advantage of this in their own interests.

Even the gloomy and gloomy faces of people, at the sight of this charm, blur out in a smile. The more you communicate with this baby, the more it reveals its essence. Chihuah looks - dogs, soul - a man, courage - a lion, sharp mind and hunting skills - cats. With confidence, we can say that in such a crumb the best qualities, taken from other animals, are laid, and most importantly - they possess the best qualities of a person's character.